News; Sleep out five sexual problems

Published: Saturday 10 January, 2015

Sleep, not only closely related to health, will also affect our sex life.The sleep medicine research institute survey found that those who sleep habits wrong, sexual satisfaction are lower.Here are some affect sexual quality sleep habits, we ask an expert to give analysis and action.The bed is too soft, less strengthBed mattress is too soft, will cause the subsidence in the middle part of body, torso form arc, make the spinal ligaments around and intervertebral overload, increase the physiological curvature of the lumbar down for a long time can cause back pain.At the same time, the hammock muscles relax cannot obtain sufficient sleep, over time, will affect sex muscle power.Yuquan hospital sexual medicine, tsinghua university professor Ma Xiaonian pointed out that sex, lower back's muscle strength is important, especially for men, the missionary and lateral position posture, men want to rely on waist and leg strength to help control sex.Once the waist is damaged, it is easy to affect sexual action.Action: the mattress soft hard moderate, generally to lie on the bed can make the body feel appropriate, it is advisable to waist can get good support.In addition, there is no noise, the neat factors such as bed, bed is tasted, also helps to improve sex life quality.Pillow: high impact degree of erectionWe often say "rest easy", but sleep researchers in Japan by investigating nearly married people of different ages, found that the pillow is too high, can affect sexual function.First of all, the pillow is too high for a long time, easy to cause the brain blood circulation, make the function of the pituitary to secrete hormones, may further affect the sexual desire.Second, the pillow is too high, easy to make the heart pressure, influence the blood circulation, and insufficient blood supply for a long time, can lead to erectile dysfunction.Again, high pillow may affect the health of cervical vertebra, seriously will affect the nerve conduction of sexual excitement, thus reduce sexual sensitivity, easy to cause sex apathy.Finally, the pillow high airway unobstructed, not easily aggravate snoring, led to a lack of oxygen to the body, affect the sleep quality, also have a negative effect on sexual function.Action: to choose according to your height and shape highly appropriate pillow.Committee member of Chinese society for the study of sleep sleep disorder, Ming shi said to lie on your back when the head and torso level advisable, namely position, pillow high punch side pillow in a fist and a half.The most like some broad shoulders the length of the pillow, the pillow is too small will affect the quality of sleep.Material, must choose a softer cotton pillow, the pillow to be after shrinkage of elasticity, such as buckwheat pillow.Genital lay sleeping: damageIn all sleeping position, lying down to sleep is considered to be the most adverse health.Ming shi pointed out that the man was lying on the bed to sleep, can oppress scrotum, stimulate the penis, easy to cause frequent nocturnal emissions, affect the normal work and life, also can make the temperature of the scrotum, unfavorable for the growth of sperm.Women on bed, is likely to lead to breast deformity.Was lying on the desk, the rest will oppress carotid artery, the sympathetic nerve dysfunction, oxygen to brain ischemia, symptoms such as headache, dizziness, affect sexual desire.Action: according to the United States sex experts Catherine mesa, sleep posture with comfortable nature is the most appropriate, husband and wife sex life after her husband from the wife behind her arms around her to sleep, make both parties a good contact with body, again not oppression of the heart, is conducive to feelings of husband and wife, and improve the quality of sleep.If the two sides are tired, back to back side sleep is also a good choice.Sleep too late: when the mind premature agingAs life diversification, "night owls" are more and more.Previously, sohu net, according to a survey of more than eighty percent of people are in the habit of late nearly seven adult health problems so.Staying up late has a lot of harm to health, easy to cause the immune system, memory decline, endocrine disorders, gastrointestinal problems, etc.University of Chicago sociology professor laumann from the perspective of gender relations, points out that staying up late to make a lot of young people become "sexual premature aging", people in their 20 s and 30 s, sexual ability also couldn't catch up with the elderly in their 50 s and 60 s.For men, sleep too party lead to early in the morning without an erection, sexual life lack of passion, always slouch, sex low durability.For women, staying up late can make the lack of vaginal lubrication, sex becomes slow, the skin, the body becomes poor, reduce sexual confidence.Action: to regular sleep time, try to sleep before 11 o 'clock, don't play with mobile phone as far as possible before you go to sleep, watch TV, etc.Some experts suggest that sex naked sleep, think that the human body more relaxed, there is conducive to enhance the body's immune ability, can maximum limit reduce fatigue.Sleep to maintain exuberant sexual power, best is to keep seven to eight hours of sleep, late sleepers also make sure all day time to 6 hours of sleep.Sleeping too long: lower sexual desirePeople all know that sleep not killed the cat, but hai-song li, director of the Beijing university of Chinese medicine dongzhimen hospital male, points out that sleep too long also decreased sexual desire.The huangdi neijing, there is the saying of "gas" long lie in.Lay to rest or sleep for a long time, do not have physical activity, easy to appear the symptom of qi deficiency, lost the original rule, make human body blood circulation slow heart rate, blood flow slowed, will become more lazy sleep, also can cause sexual dysfunction, there will be the spirit of malaise, body tired weakness, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, sexual desire is reduced, and even cause sex apathy.