News; use condoms will reduce the quality of sex or not ?

Published: Thursday 08 January, 2015

Many people enjoy having sex peak of happiness, also often aftertaste that wonderful moment, but people really understand the orgasm.Appeared in recent years, a lot of misinformation about orgasm, often introduce people sex "wrong".To this end, the "health" website have chosen some rumours about orgasm, and the truth to the readers.A misrepresentation: as we age, lower rates of orgasm.In fact, the growth of the age will make us more aware of their body, reaction and pleasure points, were also more likely to get an orgasm.In a recent survey, more than 70% of the 50 women said they often during sex to achieve orgasm.Misinformation 2: reach orgasm main reason in a partner.Unable to climax, men and women both parties have a responsibility, is the most important of you to give him (her) guidance, let the other side of perception you a source of pleasure.A rare misinformation 3: multiple orgasms.Though with a partner to orgasm at the same time is difficult, but more than half of women can achieve multiple orgasms - the continuity of pleasure like the tide wave coming, is usually a wave after wave of high tide than before.But such beautiful sex are usually occur in only 40-60 aged women.Misinformation four: change partners can make it much easier to reach orgasm.In fact, with a full understanding of your partner, you can in your sex more ecstasy, more relaxed, more comfortable.Misinformation five: condoms will block the arrival of the climax.Condom can provide plenty of lubrication effect in sexual behavior, and significantly prolong the erectile tissue of the men, for women to orgasm provide valuable extra for a few minutes.At the same time, also can avoid safety concerns.Misinformation six: moan will make orgasm fast.Orgasm really could trigger cried loudly, but not every man climax, as depicted in the movie did orgasm is db can't describe it strongly.Misinformation seven: sex is a bad sex did not orgasm.An amazing sex is contains multiple factors: the right moves, hair-trigger foreplay, the climax of aftertaste.Remember that sex is like life, is a journey, you need to enjoy each process, not care about the gain and loss.