News; Relieve fatigue has four big formula

Published: Thursday 08 January, 2015

About how to solve the problem of fatigue, sex experts believe that the following four principles, there must be one right for you.The four principles, we might as well call it the "big four" formula.Formula one: with the desire and sex, sex there is no standardDon't feel love to do once a week, compared with somebody else through strike is not normal, as long as both husband and wife feel sexual gratification, even half a month to do a love nothing abnormal.Each person's physiological needs, don't give sex under the number of indicators, such as how many times a week to do love, every time not less than how much time and so on.And individual's sex life also can have difference, need to fully coordinated, not according to its own rules stiffly to ask each other to cooperate.Formula 2: perceptual contact is not necessarily sexMen generally believe that sexual contact must contain sexual intercourse, this is wrong, sex includes many aspects.A woman the most clearly the fact that as long as there is a sense of caring is enough.That is to say, when she take the initiative to hug you, does not necessarily require you to "real", maybe she just want to find a sweet feeling.Formula 3: carried out in a planned waySex is not must not be in a planned way.In both sexual life time is not harmonious, set a "sex plan" is actually a good thing, a very perceptual enjoyment.Some people like to make love in the middle of the night, for example, some like to make love in the morning, in order not to affect sleep and work, each other can be agreed, so as not to appear no longer "sex", without huan and sleep each other.Formula 4: do something romantic figureOld couple old place everything couldn't be familiar with the familiar, close your eyes open the same, so do something romantic play creative.Sex "lover", such as playing field is not regularly invite invite will then go to the small restaurant for dinner, to see the stars in the stream flow across the moon, and then to the hotel to night together, no longer home fought with the household chores, let stress, enjoy sex with relaxed state of mind.Let love have no fixed pattern, like the rising sun in the morning every day, every day is new.