News; During orgasm, men and women feel the same or not?

Published: Thursday 08 January, 2015

Men and women sex is to orgasm?What is the feeling of orgasm?A lot of ignorant men and women would ask such a question, but answer were some say not clear, the most commonly used a word is only needs can't talk, it makes a lot of people are shocked and let me down is how a situation!Q: what kind of feeling of female orgasm is?Netizen: brain is a blank, a little dizzy, also a bit float, the whole body feel ease to relax, hemp, but it is comfortable and crisp, will have no energy, the body is frozen, breathing will hold, the following will not clamp, and the hearing will be a little insensitive, but the process time is very short, the appearance of a few seconds, after finished.If a man doesn't end, it also can continue to orgasm, if the end, that will be very satisfied enjoyment aftertaste, face was red, and local will glow, below some milky white transparent liquid will flow.Q: I've always wanted to know what is the reaction of the female orgasm, hope someone can answer?Net friend: currently, the female orgasm is divided into three categories, namely type clitoral orgasm, vaginal orgasm and the clitoris, vagina hybrid orgasm.Guaranteed clitoral orgasm simply by masturbation can achieve, directly or indirectly in the process of sexual intercourse clitoral stimulation can also be obtained.Type of vaginal orgasm mainly through the penis to vaginal insert and twitch, causing some sensitive parts inside the vagina and uterus stimulation and orgasm, hybrid orgasm during sex both the above two kinds of forms. Not obviously is given priority to with what kind of.Type vaginal orgasm is also known as a complete orgasm, similar to male orgasm form, fatigue and satisfaction after orgasm, seems to be no longer need to be further sexual behavior, the curves of orgasm is like a steep mountain peaks, ups and downs, and the clitoris orgasm feels more warm, in the form of short, stimulation, orgasm curves such as the surging tide, a wave attached to a wave, and hybrid orgasm somewhere in between.Q: the female orgasm is the same?Woman how to have sex will feel satisfied?Net friend: female orgasm will have what performance?People usually understand, vaginal muscles contraction, blood pressure, sweating, the sweeter, vaginal secretions.Unfortunately, statistics show that never or seldom appear afore-mentioned orgasm during sex show women accounted for 44% of the total.Orgasm is missing, is not just women who bring fear and loathing of sex itself, more can lead to their psychological fear of marriage life, someone there will be body pathological characterization, like sex appears muscle spasm, etc.Suggestion is that at the time of sex climax, also don't forget to own some security measures or note, I recommend you to use durex passion condoms, let you enjoy the satisfaction of sex at the same time enjoy the jumping of passion.Q: what is the woman an orgasm, shooting things like a man?Net friend: this is due to the redistribution of blood, blood flow to the body surface abruptly, lead to subcutaneous superficial vascular congestion results.Sexual glow mainly appear in front of the face ministry, chest, breast, second skin may appear congestion phenomenon.Muscle tension.Due to increased muscle excitability, the whole body muscle muscle tension, never arbitrarily to regular contraction.During orgasm, muscle spasms, there may be sample contraction, main performance for hand, foot cramps, face distorted or twist body.Breathing and heart rate.Due to the excitement of the central nervous system, blood pressure, muscle contraction, the speeding up of the aerobic metabolism, increasing demand for oxygen, breathing, heart rate.Orgasm, breathing can reach 40 times/min, sometimes accompanied by rhythmic groaning;Heart rate increased to 120 times/min, have individual women even up to 150-160 times/min.Feelings change.Women to orgasm, can appear some confusion, decreased visual, auditory, and even present syncope;Some women with taste, smell drops or disappear.Enter subsidise period, to gradually returned to normal.Shooting is not the same things and men, but only composition is different, because of the difference between men and women, but is a fine body, so also can be said to be the same.