News; can we have sex during pregnancy ?

Published: Sunday 04 January, 2015

Question: my husband and I got married three months, now pregnant.Originally is a very happy thing, but listen to a lot of people say women during pregnancy is very easy to cheat, I get married with her husband and time so short, but ten months sex life, the husband must be very difficult.But, again afraid is bad for the baby.The husband and wife can have sex during pregnancy?Answer: in fact pregnant, husband and wife can be having sex.But must pay attention to the specific time and way, even in the days of inconvenient having sex can also through other ways to relieve her husband's sex drive.Here are the precautions to take stock of sex during pregnancy.The first three months of pregnancyDuring the first three months of pregnancy, with the emergence of the symptom such as vomiting, heartburn, constipation, many pregnant women will throw sex on their priority list to cut toenails, behind their husbands at this time also will not feel too "hunger".At this stage, two people of husband and wife are less.The most common explanation is full of full of Darwin style: it is naturally formed in the process of human evolution.Of course, there are exceptions, there are also many husband said they enjoyed in his wife pregnant a few months before ever more wild, more passionate sexual experience.Some people think that this is due to the developed between he and his wife a fresher, more intimate contact;Others think after see positive pregnancy test results, that is for sure they masculinity spawned a lot of testosterone, which makes them seem filled with the oil of cars, dynamic;Some argue that get rid of the shackles of the condom, they finally reached a new peak pleasure.But for most people, early in pregnancy, sex seems to have to take a back seat. Four to six monthsAt this stage, the strong reaction in early pregnancy is decreasing, but with a carefully affectionate period began.Desire of his wife to come back, in addition to the morning sickness of torture has been in the past, our old friend hormones also play its role, it makes women feel more sexy, but also more sensitive.Increased blood flow to the pelvic area, women are more likely to enter the "excitement" mode.At this stage, many women find that pelvic congestion state that they have a chance to get in once or twice or even three times the climax of the experience, the reason is in the.In addition, during this period, many women began to glow, show more hot and sexy body curve.Take care of such a hot mom, you have to constantly struggle with their own desires to do.And, of course, some women is the opposite.Sex during pregnancy can make some expectant mothers feel very pain, also some people because of the great changes have taken place in the body immersed themselves in the tangle of problems of self-image, which in turn affect their "preferences", and some will appear after orgasm or orgasm abdominal cramps, serious even can cause sustained contractions!After three monthsAs labor issue is more and more close, affectionate moment mothers-to-be uplift belly is not only caused by physical barriers, more become husband psychological problems.Once again, therefore, sex was thrown at the back of the priority list.For men, in your mother's belly during sex was a kick your child, this is probably the most ridiculous thing in the world, and the length of your penis is a living, breathing baby only a few inches away, this thought is enough to make you an instant "put", let alone at this time of the fetus can already hear your breathing and moan, can see or feel your actions - which it is not hard to understand why some men in the last three months of pregnancy can not lift any fundamental "sex".Regularity of sex during pregnancyAbove will be divided three periods during pregnancy, so sex requirement in different historical periods, what kind of?In fact, in the first three months and after three months, it is best not to have sex.And in the middle of three months, it is can make love.Note, however, that sex must be gentle, to prevent the action too much damage to the baby, in addition, when love had better put on a condom, such as durex sovereign ultra-thin pack of condoms, avoid semen stimulating uterus, causing the discomfort of pregnant women.Special physical fitness of the pregnant woman should follow the doctor's adviceSome pregnant women's situation is special, such as there are signs of premonitory abortion, or had a history of multiple miscarriages, etc., these women are not suitable for sex, and some doctors think not suitable for making love, so in these cases, pregnant women should suspend sex.As for her husband's demand, can love other way to solve through the mouth.