News; How to make love to let my girlfriend multiple orgasms

Published: Sunday 04 January, 2015

Question: although girlfriend can get an orgasm during sex, she also are very satisfied with the current state.But I want to give her great sex life.I heard that a woman can reach orgasm many times in the sex.What should I do to let his girlfriend in a love love orgasm many times?Answer: women do have the ability to achieve multiple orgasms.As long as you have multiple orgasms her skills, can give her to multiple orgasms.The climax of a woman is not as single as a man, she is the climax of the diverse.She can have orgasm, the breasts, the clitoris high tide, point D G spot orgasm during (vagina), double, and so on.Breast orgasmOnly through the nipple stimulation, and not all women can reach orgasm.But in any case, it can make women more arousal.Erotic state to a higher level.The biological differences between people actually huge.There is no an orgasm is absolute.Want to let her breasts up, need to caress breasts can touch by your hands, your breath, but must pay attention to the gentle, don't hurt her.Clitoral orgasmThe orgasm is mainly caused by the clitoris.In particular, it focuses on the glans erogenous zone and.Note that the stimulation of the clitoral orgasm area not only include the glans.The glans is only a small part of the entire clitoris.Clitoral orgasms might not have the "deep orgasm" and other vaginal orgasm so strongly.But at least in the sense of "sex" it is already very high tide.It felt great not only, and is relatively easy to do.Experienced men, by the hand and mouth is easy to give women the clitoris high tide. D point of orgasmThe clitoris in body surface belong to the vulva.Clitoral orgasms often give a person is light shallow experience.For many women, deep point orgasm is often the first real "internal" orgasm.The so-called deep point, that means the hot point is located in the depths of the vagina.In fact, it is located in the vagina cervix near wall.So, someone call it the cervical orgasm again.Deep point or D point, also is called the second spot.D point orgasm can through the tools to implement in the foreplay.Women reach orgasm deep point in foreplay, often achieve more easily than sexual intercourse.Vaginal orgasm (G)G-spot orgasm, orgasm is similar to point D.The severe degree of differences between them.For multiple orgasms, g-spot orgasm is is the effect of added fuel to the fire.Although multiple orgasms is not the ultimate goal of sex.But in a thrusting sex, it will bring her experience is undoubtedly the most profound.More often than not, the g-spot stimulation is sex of trick up their sleeves.Usually by finger or tools to implement its stimulation."Double" orgasmThe dualism of the so-called, refers to the women, more sensitive to internal and external stimulation, let women get outside the body, the duality of orgasm.Can use sex toys reached the climax, durex bang stick, also called R - hwan series ultra earthquake double stimulation vibrators, has the strongest motor and strengthen the torsion bar "bang" in particular, the stimulation of the clitoris, U point, G point multiple parts of strong vibration to the climax.From the blue bar has dual tremors, agitate super pleasure: huan love secret weapon than fantasy, unprecedented agitate the pleasant sensation, from the super earthquake shock rods and liao affection of rabbit ear inside and outside double stimulation and passion, twisted double eyeful, immediate wake up your body, to the soul.And the high quality PU material, let the women enjoyed velvet touch: such as velvet touch, let you have the rights of the arbitrary sliding make "shock vibration" so gentle, threat of pleasant sensation!