News; couple how to make the third one nowhere involvement

Published: Tuesday 30 December, 2014

O cheung had affairs, and his wife were troubled.He also cross the heart, in front of others praise from a third party: "my joys and sorrows, only she understand. As long as I'm in a word, she laughed happily. Don't like my wife, their plate with a face, as if I owe her debt."Someone had said these things to the auspicious of the wife, the wife say with a straight face: "alas, he thinks the humorous jokes, I got married ten years, everyone listened to more than one hundred times, how to smile?"Such a thing, with a third party in marriage.Mr Complain that the wife don't understand amorous feelings, this is not right.Wife say very reasonable, are old again, how would it be possible to repeatedly show that surprise?She is too know him, he knows how much ability she has, so swallow not to descend boast of his words;His joke she heard, the sound of the beginning will know that end, lose the curiosity, of course.But don't blame men crave.Women should also think about it, if you speak one hundred times jokes, and people are heartfelt laughing out loud, can you not touched by heart?You will think he is a friend, only he can understand your heart.Just, men seldom think, the same jokes, people don't bother, listen to people will certainly be bored with.Even in a wife, a few years later, the status of the new wife will also with his ex-wife.So someone said, people will have an affair, not because of new appointee than strong, than the old beauty, younger than the old, only because of the newness.Novelty brings brief encounter feeling, let a person feel suffocated in the ordinary life, felt that he found a chance to live, long long way to go, suddenly feel the distance is greeted with sunshine.For partners, to peace and stability of marriage, there is a problem must be solve: if your old man speak a few words, remember to have patience to listen, don't be negative about him.Two barely a smile, and no loss, why said to him: "that you have said hundreds of times."Especially in public, more can't let him lose face.If a man speak to you so that you will not be pleased.I have seen a big wife, handling the technique is very good.In the people at the party, if Mr To tell him that a few old old stories, jokes, she smiled and told everybody first: "he that story is really funny."And quietly away, to help customers cut fruit or pour the tea.Naturally, the husband always when she was wai, she will also show their own helpless.