News; The most easily overlooked skills to get orgasm

Published: Tuesday 30 December, 2014

Just like women thinking, the female orgasm is a kind of complex phenomenon is difficult to understand.To understand the female orgasm, and promote couples sexual harmony, improving the quality of sex life.New Zealand famous sexology expert Sarah Gibson has carried on the research to the female orgasm, and sums up the five characteristics of the female orgasm.1. Relax to have an orgasm.Several studies have shown that female sexual intercourse usually need 15 -- 40 minutes to reach orgasm.On the contrary, male orgasm fastest need only 2 minutes.As a result, many women or fake orgasm during sex, either.However, the relaxation is an important factor of female orgasm.So, the man should be according to this characteristic, through touch and massage way to extend the time of foreplay, to help the woman try to relax, as far as possible to realize the orgasm at the same time.2. More praise of her body.Female orgasm is both a physical experience, but also emotional experience.Lead to the woman's orgasm dysfunction, perhaps the strip naked naked exposure.Man apparently think woman bare county sexy, but she did not know much, unless the man repeatedly, may need to be repeated hundreds of times.Accordingly, when the woman take off your coat, the man might as well enjoy full of enthusiasm, a voracious, and tell her what you think.3. Sex can have multiple orgasms.Women can realize multiple orgasms, it is not secret.Some women sex can even reach 2-3 orgasms.Female orgasms can be divided into two categories: one for "climax", another kind of "continuous climax".The latter are more susceptible to control the man.The man after the woman first sexual climax, continue to kiss caress and will help women achieve continuous climax.Can temporarily do not stimulate female genital area, especially to the clitoris "desensitization" temporarily, after her breathing rhythm slow, and then began to gently touch stimulation of the clitoris.If the woman reacted positively, then the second high tide will follow.4. Double stimulation is more likely to make the female orgasm.The man to help women to orgasm, far more complex than to help yourself to orgasm.Women can through external clitoral stimulation or internal g-spot stimulation to orgasm.While stimulation technique and the way in the hands of the man.May, when necessary, with the aid of sex toys to realize double stimulation at the same time, the effect should be very obvious.5. Oral sex is more likely to allow women to orgasm.(as) case studies have found that most of the women said, compared with the vaginal intercourse, oral sex pleasure more intense, were also more likely to make them orgasm.Sexology expert analysis, points out that from the point of view of anatomy, women most sensitive nerve endings in the external, namely clitoral and vaginal opening.Want to let her enjoy the joy of oral sex, the man should master the most important skill is: enjoy it.This will make the woman completely get rid of the awkward psychology, dedicated wonderful sexual experience, are more likely to reach orgasm.