News; Women two parts most want to by fondled

Published: Monday 29 December, 2014

Affection is the most important way to express love between couples, also is an important part of the complete sex.For women, a good caress can let her love and sexual desire.Recently, the United States women's health magazine, the questionnaire survey to 2000 women have chosen women want to be the most tender place, the results were surprising.In the top two face and back.More than 80% of women said they like the man took his face with the hand, stomach gently glides on the face, the eyes full of deep feeling ground kiss her forehead, this action will make a woman happy.While men in hug woman, with the hand gently pat or massage her back, is a kind of intimacy, concerned about the movement, women will feel protected and cherish.The second is the ears and neck.More than half of the women said they like lovers hand touch, use your mouth kiss your neck and ears.These relatively thin skin, blood vessels and nerve endings are shallow, so feel very sharp.Again is the waist hip and thigh.Women hip is very sensitive, stroking her hips, on the bottom circle with your fingers, can be aroused.Thigh sometimes is more sensitive than reproductive organs, action must be gentle.Finally, the chest and other parts.The palm of your hand will cover the entire breast, gently knead move.The strength should be light