News; Pregnancy check is the trend is still required

Published: Sunday 28 December, 2014

Pregnancy check is not only a kind of trend, but also a good life, caring, responsible for the next generation of necessity.In new era, our attitudes as well.When you think to do detailed check pregnancy, it is a good mother of this, this kind of idea is out!Preparation of eugenics has been early in pregnancy.Especially after the "check" from mandatory to voluntary, more and more families choose before the baby for a detailed check before childbirth.Do not omit the pregnancy checkMany people have this idea: in the unit for a medical every year, the body is normal, they don't have to repeat for a pregnancy test.However, the general physical examination is not a substitute for pregnancy check.If the check until after pregnancy, if it is found that infected disease, could face some heavy choice: is a termination of pregnancy?Or at the risk of birth defects?Make originally happy family added sorrow and trouble, affect the physical and mental health for expectant mothers.If pregnant before 3-6 months for physical examination and inspection and consulting, won't appear such circumstance, not only can let mother in the next generation's health situation, also can know in advance whether to do special prenatal diagnosis of fetus.Therefore, checkup before the two sides is one of the necessary condition to ensure the eugenic offspring.Pregnancy check is the trend is still requiredDad, please don't go awayAlthough, in terms of having a child women should assume more responsibility, but must leave the "male-female".As the saying goes: there is no woman, no all mankind;But not old YeErMen, that also in vain.Many men too confident, always think you good health, don't want to come to the hospital, little imagine, such as no sperm disease itself does not have to feel discomfort.In addition, with the development of the society and to speed up the industrialization process, the pressure of work, environmental pollution, and sexually transmitted disease factors contributed to the male sow ability also downward trend year by year.Some people think that his wife pregnant, before their fertility must be very good and not to the hospital.In fact, even if has had a healthy child, a variety of reasons to have a second child and to check, only to find that the person is no refined disease is not in the minority.Check on the eve of the quietBecause men pregnancy check semen test to do, in order to ensure the quality of sperm, when semen collection so require abstinence 3-5 days, if the time is too short or too long will affect the test results.Women should always after menstruation, and determined the inspection under the condition of not pregnant.Examination of department of gynaecology to do b to exceed, so check the day drink water more, maintain full bladder.Due to check include liver function test, check the day on an empty stomach to the hospital.Pregnancy check what are included?In addition to the general physical examination, but also should undertake, routine urine and blood of hepatitis b surface antigen, and abnormal full set off.Conditional place should test the chromosomes, avoid hereditary disease.For men, it should make semen examination;If suspected STD or history of sexually transmitted diseases, should be tested for sexually transmitted diseases, treatment, if any abnormal pregnancy make both parties under the best health plan.Awkward: private parts don't be shyMany people will feel shy when reproductive system check, especially male subjects, often will resist for inspection.But parents of reproductive health, for the next generation has enormous influence on the healthy or not, so the check is necessary.Professional doctors have their own professional personal integrity, will protect the privacy of patients, and by inspectors don't need to be shy, just be common in mind, and actively cooperate with the doctor, check can go smoothly.Also some dads feel semen is collected by way of masturbation is very embarrassed, but know that must first be healthy baby is healthy sperm and egg combine crystallization.Thus dads still want to try to overcome this little embarrassed.