News; 9 big doubts of sex

Published: Sunday 28 December, 2014

Sex is great, but it inevitably encounter all sorts of problems.Recently, the United States to "prevent" medical network invites many clinical sexologist, have chosen this year some of questions, and give the professional guidance.Doubt 1: "I can control my vagina, make it tight?"Every woman is the master of your vagina, a registered sex therapist lori mintz, says Dr With abs and biceps need exercise, the vagina can also through exercise more compact, and freely."With the influence of the growth of the age and fertility, women's vaginal muscles will be relaxed, more than 76% of the female orgasm will be reduced."Both sexes, experts said, in Dr Tenzing, women need to exercise for 5 to 10 times a day, each contraction vaginal muscles 2 to 4 seconds, can feel the change after a month.Doubt 2: "my wife and I sex is a few times a year, around some friends also said that husband and wife sex rarely, is this normal?"According to the survey, the global 5% ~ 20% of couples sex less than 10 times a year or less, sociologists call "asexual marriage".In the United States, married for two years, couples in a state of asexual relationship accounted for a third.Asexual marriage, as it were, more common than people think.However, Dr Mintz said: "this is not the ideal state of marriage."Asexual marriage has two kinds, one kind is two people agree to not have sex, the other is a party to the other side don't want to.Together if it is the first case, you should think of some way to gradually increase the sex, slowly will be "more to do more to";If it is the second to be patient to find out the reason, the common solution.Doubt three: "if men existence some obstacles, how do we communicate this problem?"Must be careful, pay attention to the method.New York sex therapist Dr Abel maddison said: "when talking about this problem, the first principle is to protect a man's pride."The first step, the wife be sure he, he said many aspects are let you think two people together is a kind of enjoyment.The next step, we should, according to the different questions to different if the erectile dysfunction, needless to say too much, a man must also know that he needs is his woman's understanding and encouragement.If is premature ejaculation problem, first said he "come quickly, can add some time."Can also encourage men to carry anus movement, tighten the muscles of the key parts several times a day, every 10 seconds, five times a day.When necessary, to consult a physician.Question 4: "I am the missionary position (missionary) feel very boring, have any other Suggestions?"Marriage counselor monica Sweeney said, any position is easy to feel boring for a long time, couples can together through some sexual knowledge books, generally introduces different position.The current relatively popular in the United States is "the painted this Sex Position" (Sex Position Coloring Book), "this is discuss in conjunction with your mate falls topic is a good way."Question 5: "why an orgasm when masturbation, sex but can't?"This kind of problem occurs mainly in women.Mintz, says Dr Masturbation to the clitoris stimulation is more, when the women are more likely to climax.During sex, men sometimes ignore the stimulation of the clitoris and reduces the chances of female orgasm.He suggested that men more stimulate the key position of women in the foreplay, let her to orgasm.Question 6: "I like to say some pornographic words, but his wife did not respond, if this is not feasible?"Madison, says this is a very good way to flirt, but the way to master.Men can talk about sex in the true feelings, like his wife where, for example, can speak some more explicit.Women can also be used to ask the way, such as "how do you want me to serve?"Attention must grasp the scale.Question 7: "no matter how my lust, but here is very dry, what should I do?"The concrete analysis to specific issue.If they are menopausal women, generally is the issue of estrogen, can under the doctor to help supplement hormones.If not to the menopause, the impact is likely to be drugs, such as antihistamines to dry at the same time can also make the vagina dry nose.Mintz, says Dr Coffee, spicy food can also cause dry, recommend the use of lubricant, promote female nakedness lubrication.Question 8: "I heard that women has a g-spot, why I can't find?"Stories about the g-spot, found that not many people.Mr. Tenzing, said Dr. G is not an organ, but a human anatomical site, different women its position, and some who is more outstanding.Men don't need to care too much can you find a mate g-spot, give her more caressing and foreplay, sometimes the effect will be better.Question 9: "online dating is very common nowadays, will that make sex more casual?"The United States, a survey has found the network indeed make a one night stand, however, most people still just the network as a tool to meet members of the opposite sex.Relationship expert Andrea sata, shi said: "this does not mean that people can't abide by social norms, in reality, when we meet people will by inner feelings and reason to make a decision, traditional factors such as honesty, humor, wisdom, still is the necessary condition to attract the opposite sex."