News; Any difference sex interest in male and female physiologica

Published: Wednesday 24 December, 2014

1, the time difference between male and female impulse: male sex drive is easy to arouse women's sex drive more slowly.Newly married male sexual desire is strong and vigorous, female sexual desire is relatively weak.In the middle this kind of phenomenon is upside down.2, the number of male orgasm: men have sex can only feel an orgasm every time, after the climax, sexual stimulation for a few minutes or several hours of a refractory period.Is the length of the refractory period and age, but from the dozens of minutes to hours or longer.While women in sexual response, there is no "should not" period, have multiple orgasm's potential ability.However this frequent orgasm, most can only be achieved by masturbation, and could not have produced in intercourse with men, because the male orgasm is difficult to maintain such a long time.Female sexual desire, however, read again aroused, often need to male sexual stimulation to inspire.3, the speed of the male and female sexual desire: male sexual impulse is quickly, within a few minutes into the sexual climax, also fade faster later to orgasm, female sexual arousal is slow, generally in 10 to 20 minutes, or even longer, longer duration, fade slowly.4, the differences between male and female interest: just married male sexual desire to focus on sex organs, sexual desire is very high, male sexual impulses immediately pressing for sex.Newly married women, by contrast, female sexual desire is not focused on organ, not only pay attention to orgasm, pay more attention to emotional communication with that of her husband, orgasm arousal of late.Men and 50 s, sexual center from sex genital feelings toward generalization of sensory experience, sexual intercourse less.Women in 30 or 40 years old, to reach the height of sexual behavior.Sources said, a 40-year-old female orgasm reaction with intense and frequent than 20 years old.This shows female sexual desire from complex and generalization to the organ in change.5 and the influencing factors of sexual impulses: foreign sound, movement of position or muscle spasm, sexual intercourse posture can do.For example: male dreamland stronger than women, but also affected by the surrounding and abate were less than women.In addition, a single sexual intercourse posture, make wife bored psychology, so a sexual indifference.Transform sexual positions, but for some couples sexual interest, promote feelings of husband and wife.May also change through sexual intercourse posture, make the wife has the opportunity to have an orgasm.In addition many clinical drugs such as blood pressure medication, diuretic, sleeping pills have different degrees of influence on sexual function.The different situation of husband and wife sex life, due to the difference of sexual physiology, sexual psychology, plus a variety of factors such as culture, habits, often appear the following different situations:1) men and women both parties at the same time to achieve sexual climax, belongs to the ideal of sex.(2) the male orgasm first, after the woman an orgasm, the woman was work-day when it, man, ejaculation penis soft reduction, this kind of situation, although she has pleasant sensation, but not satisfied.(3) the woman orgasm first, after the man.Both sides can get pleasure and sexual gratification, but not as good as the first case "meaning".(4) men and women both parties have no orgasm, no sexual pleasure, or one party has an orgasm, the other party no orgasm.This attribute the worst a harmonious life.The first three belong to the sex harmony.The fourth is not harmonious.The first type for the ideal.Worth mentioning is that sex of husband and wife both sides reach orgasm at the same time not as a symbol of sexual skilled, highlight some efforts will achieve this wonderful moment, or the agreed time, common to orgasm, often backfire, the result will affect the sensitivity of the itself the feeling and natural sexual response.Create a pretend to orgasm.4 kinds of circumstances, most for sexual experience is insufficient, lack of knowledge, should be repeated practice, master the other sex life habits and the law of development, understanding each other, coordination, good sex life.Rarely for lack of sexual desire, please check the reason and guide the treatment, a doctor will get the pleasure of sex life.