News; How can let the woman take the initiative to make love?

Published: Wednesday 24 December, 2014

Influenced by traditional ideas, the Chinese women for sex or in the passive state.Even if they really wanted, still can choose passive to accept.For men, however, woman is eager to take initiative.So, what to do in sex can let the woman take the initiative to make love?In sexual behavior, has always been a man dominated, women to cooperate.But, in fact, sex is both sides, is needs to cooperate with each other to do better.Moreover, men often want to women more active in sex.So, in order to let the woman take the initiative to make love, both men and women need to do?Here are together and see it.Man: what to do, to let her take the initiative to up?Answer 1, synchronized kiss to stir up sexual desireEven without any sexual experience know that kissing is an essential step in sex, and runs through the whole process of sex.Lips are very sensitive, in fact, only the penis are more nervous than lips and higher sensitivity, this method can bring different effect: two lips touching one another: you and she between sliding between the lip margin, just like you to capture just falls off the spoon in the pudding.Yun tongue method: in the organization under the tongue is very sensitive, as under the upper lip.Suck, suck each other's tongue, under the stimulus of salivary glands, can make her sweet saliva.Blowing method: inhalation and especially can suck out her lips wet sexually aroused.Answer 2, leave some clothes for herSomeone said, the woman naked body is one of the largest temptation for men, in fact, half block half mask, if if no woman's body is the greatest temptation to men.At the same time, for a woman is also a kind of stimulus.So, during sex, don't be stripped at her, not just in order to slow and slow.Leaving her close-fitting that small vest, or don't take off her heels;Actually even if it is only the remaining two earrings, a necklace and is enough to make you excited to the extreme.And these have a constriction of clothing and accessories, and also will greatly stimulate her physical and mental sexy valve.Instantly lit women desperate desire, need a man to have this power.Answer 3, to stimulate the woman slowlyThere is an old saying in China, you can't eat hot bean curd, also can use this sentence to the sex life.Churned out taste will never than simmered.Like the lip stick glass, when I lick like to antique sweep the dust off and touch, I will like to burn the unction of...In short, in accordance with the film slow motion speed command you mouth, tongue, hand, it makes her skin more sensitive than ever.Answer 4, let her lead youIn the sex life, don't delusion control sex rhythm of the woman, want to let her in sex guide your actions.Also note that don't use your desire fire burn down at her.This should be the next you use any technique.Such as before she did not take the initiative to stand seductive breasts not to touch them;In not holding your hand on her before between my legs, only was cruising on her waist and abdomen.Ok, so even if you think you don't do that also can let her to orgasm, but the difference between master and you are here, they can make a submissive woman into a creature in the bed of the amorous feelings.Finally had to say that men during sex, waist, back, bo and arm plays an extremely important role, because in the intercourse between men and women movement, the body part is the main point.As a result, men want to get smooth and with ease in the process of sexual behavior, should pay attention to the body part of the daily care and motor function.