News; Why did the wife never have orgasm?

Published: Tuesday 23 December, 2014

Question: my sex every time very hard to let the wife orgasm, but the wife never orgasm, this is how to return a responsibility?What's the sexual technique can make the wife orgasm?The net friend a:Want female orgasm want to choose the right position, back into the type should be a kind of distinctive sex intercourse way, no matter male host or female superior all can't replace, only tied with them.Women completely prone on the bed, men kneel on the female buttocks, can stomach in women when pumping legs and back support legs or hands clamped women women spell her legs, as women hip muscles, legs inside muscle including the vagina muscles can participate in sex, make the penis has a strong grip on feeling, enhance sexual pleasure, cause the stimulation of strong force to male ejaculation, also pose a big vaginal stimulation for women at the same time, easy to form a vaginal orgasm, maybe back into type is most likely to cause sexual position type of vaginal orgasm.The net friend 2:A woman's orgasm is also vary from person to person, about 20% - 20% of the women only through clitoral stimulation to orgasm, 60% is obtained through the clitoris stimulation and subsequent sex, only 20% to 25% of women do not need additional clitoral stimulation during sex, 12% thought vaginal stimulation is more important than clitoral stimulation, and 10% had never reached a climax in any circumstances.Capable of multiple orgasms accounted for about 15% of women.So, you should first explore what kind of way to let your wife more comfortable. The net friend three:Actually want to let a woman in the process of sexual orgasm can only rely on men, women only to active participants into the role of sex, can arouse the husband more "imagination" and motility.But this initiative, is different from the leadership, because climax is a kind of experience, is you want to put down everything, follow to the extreme.So, if your wife can relax in the sex, make a commitment to sex also is very important to whether she can produce an orgasm.The net friend of four:Sex have enough foreplay can let a female human nature aroused, and some men is very impatient, there is no enough time for the female to be excited.Generally, women need about 20 minutes of foreplay, can enter real sex.Therefore, to explore a variety of means to let her relax, preheating, completely is necessary during the height of the preparation.The net friend five:Can't orgasm as the purpose of sex, so can only let both sides are in the process of sex mental pressure, and so cannot be truly experience sexual pleasure.Orgasm is just a part of sex, if can have nature is very good, should have put down the burden, if you don't have to enjoy every minute of tenderness.In addition, the obstruction of the female orgasm also includes health problems, such as diabetes, heart disease, such as taking antidepressants.Through consulting a doctor to solve this problem.Like to try new positions, the pelvic muscles, etc.The last reminder, sex must use a condom, do a good job in security work can let each other more relaxed, into sex, more easy to orgasm.Durex intimacy with a condom is a very good choice!