News; Forced sexual intercourse extended time affects health

Published: Tuesday 23 December, 2014

Many men at the time of husband and wife life, always searching for ways to make sperm don't shoot out, in order to prolong the time of life, but can always fatigue, spirit is depressed after sex.When the husband and wife life simmered plenty of ejaculation, but for different reasons.Some people feel that their sexual ability is very strong, but worry about sexual intercourse frequency, ejaculation is overmuch, can cause kidney empty, damage to life, if reduce ejaculation, as far as possible will be beneficial to health and longevity.These people affected by the traditional consciousness that "a drop of ten blood", "ejaculation will hurt", to create fear.In fact, this concept is no scientific reason.Others for fear that his wife is pregnant, and endure not to shoot.There are some men is to show that their sexual ability, and managed to complete a certain frequency of sex.This artificially during intercourse simmered don't ejaculation sex "overdraft" behavior, rather than prolong life, but may cause some diseases, and here are several common men due to endure fine condition.(1) erectile dysfunction.Close to orgasm ejaculation and choked back did not shoot, is due to excessive pelvic congestion and increase the burden of the nervous system and organ, and affect sexual feelings, which a man cannot be fully into the enjoyment of sex, over time, can make the male sexual desire is reduced, against male human ability into full play, and easy to cause erectile dysfunction.(2) the retrograde ejaculation.Sex ejaculation is a normal physiological phenomenon, if you don't ejaculate tolerating, can affect ejaculation function, thus time delay ejaculation occurs, even without ejaculation.Also need to realize is that fine not to shoot is not necessarily really let semen did not shoot out, more likely to make sperm "through the back door", namely the retrograde ejaculation.Semen retrograde into the bladder, and then with the urine in vitro, the longer it will affect a man's fertility.Sexual excitement, in addition, because maybe it is not ejaculation, semen savings when ultimately could otherwise eduction body outside, spermatorrhea, etc.(3) the chronic prostatitis.Men in normal after ejaculation, organ in fully secretory fluids, and gradually weak, after a short time, the state will return to normal blood flow to the penis inside.Ejaculation, if interrupt recovery within the organ blood flow speed will slow, lead to continuous congestion state, easy to induce infectious diseases and reproductive system congestive diseases, such as chronic bacterial prostatitis.In addition, the seminal vesicle abiding hyperaemia, seminal vesicle walls of the capillaries will burst and essence of blood disease.