News; man's sperm can be what kind of effect to the health of women

Published: Monday 22 December, 2014

A man's sperm can be what kind of effect to the health of womenA man's sperm secret: can bring health to women.Question1 swallowed semen, why oral swelling?Semen is a fluid, it is 95% water, 5% in sperm, fat, protein, enzymes, minerals, vitamins, starch, fructose, iron, zinc, magnesium, etc.Third affiliated hospital of zhongshan university of sexual medicine specialist, said zhang, director of clinical, individual women also can produce allergic reaction, the semen of allergic vaginitis after sexual intercourse or immune infertility, such as local symptoms of vaginal itching, burning pain, vulva oedema, redness and urticaria rash, this kind of allergic reaction is 15-30 minutes after ejaculation.Zhang says it is because the semen contains a substance called mim immunosuppression, it can protect the sperm from rejection.When women mim activity decreased, antigenicity of semen, strengthen, and women just as allergic constitution, semen into the female body, can cause allergic reactions.Semen allergies in vaginal intercourse, not only can also occur in anal and oral sex.During oral sex, the female if allergic to semen, eyelids, lips swelling phenomenon will appear.Prevention method is simple, the use of condoms.Question 2, semen besmear face can hairdressing?One female to post on the Internet, to count the top ten benefits of semen, one mentioned that "semen contains rich protein and zinc, iron and other trace elements, can nourish the skin. Those who face a blain blain of girl, the semen besmear is on the face, after a period of time, will be surprised to find that acne scars fade away...This post has caused numerous women's question.Semen really can hairdressing?Zhang said, healthy sex life can indeed make women refreshed, youth permanent, love is sweet, the sex harmony of woman, looks like the skin white inside deeply red, it besides has the certain mental endocrine regulation, also cannot deny semen have direct biological reaction on female genital mutilation.Zhang said, as for semen beauty said, that there should be more experimental data can be confirmed.He pointed out that considering the complex ingredients, semen itself may carry disease-causing microbes, so don't recommend trying to do beauty with semen.Is worth to mention is that semen has a certain smell, apply on the face can also sweet sleep?Question 3 swallowed semen will have to infectious diseases?Semen such as protein, fat and fructose, can nourish a variety of bacteria and viruses, unhealthy semen is the medium of many diseases cross infection, such as HIV/AIDS, syphilis, mycoplasma, chlamydia, hepatitis, etc.In addition, acuteness wet wart, genital herpes virus can contact with the mucous membrane of the oral damage and spread disease.Semen itself can carry the virus and other pathogenic microorganism, despite the view that the spread of disease risk is lower than vaginal intercourse and oral sex in anal intercourse, oral sex still has the risk of infectious disease, especially in women with gum disease, oral ulcers, throat disease, oral sex more susceptible to the disease.Question 4 will eat the semen pregnant?In today's sexual knowledge generally improving, "eat the semen will be pregnant" the question seems to be some weak-minded, but there are still a little eyebrow in the United States for the first time in love with her boyfriend, accidentally swallowed his semen, especially afraid of later pregnancy.Third affiliated hospital of zhongshan university uropoiesis surgical department deputy chief physician zhang said, in fact, to swallow sperm does not cause pregnant, of course, sperm survival needs specific environment, digestive juices (stomach) to kill sperm in a flash.Besides, the digestive tract of egg and sperm cannot meet ah (near the eggs in the ovaries, it's in the pelvic cavity).In Chicago, however, there is a female doctor doctor oral sex with her boyfriend, "pocket" boyfriend sperm - will contain in the mouth spit, for himself to do artificial insemination, the results of such a successful pregnancy.This should be the funniest steal in the history of fine children cases.Since god created man, and he gave the people desire this kind of emotion.Then prove that it is normal.So at the time of sex, don't refuse or is located in, because it is in addition to the joy, also brought health care efficacy.Male semen contains a kind of important antibacterial substance, semen plasmin, once in the bacterium inside cells, would prevent the bacterial RNA synthesis.Sperm into the vagina 1-2 times a week, the cervix gradually reach the uterus and fallopian tubes, can achieve disinfection antiseptic effect.Wonders one: to eliminate insomniaEveryone is eager to have a deep, sweet sleep, but a variety of reasons cause insomnia, often bothering you.Especially women, are more likely to insomnia.When after a harmonious sex life, nervous excitement body began to relax, muscle also can stretch in the meet after fatigue, sleepiness naturally, help to eliminate insomnia.And sex, the more perfect, and the easier it is to fall asleep.