News; The benefits of birth control pills do you know?

Published: Monday 22 December, 2014

The benefits of birth control pills and so do you know how muchBirth control pills are mainly used for contraception is known to all, the purpose is to avoid the woman pregnant, but I don't know what are in addition to this effect?Below small make up just to tell you that the pill there are more benefits:1, reduce the menstrual blood volumeCycle use birth control pills can reduce the quantity, the menstrual period can also be reduced.If the quantity of Trinidad and Tobago, can also be flexible usage, such as to have the second day of medication, even from the first day.In this way, it is not altogether take 22 days, if the beginning from the next day, that is about to take 26 days or so, anyway, let it stop three days or so to blood, and cycle is 30 days shall prevail.The quantity too much can also take 2 ~ 3 pieces per night.When stay by volume began to reduce began to gradually reduce the dose, gradually reduced to a piece of every night and keep going.Don't wait to the amount has been significantly reduced to decrement (due to a power), the medicine can reduce the total amount.Anyway to use less dose can solve the problem for the most ideal, because the pill is not beneficial harmless.2, the leakageThe quantity and urgent calling "crash" is too much;The quantity is less but not net long-term dripping wet, constantly calling "leaking".Treatment with low-dose cycle leakage can be cured.Diagnosis is, of course, "leak" first to exclude tumor, especially older women endometrial adenocarcinoma (also birdcall from cancer), don't blindly use blind, delayed the treatment time.To "leak" do "drugs and curettage also can use birth control pills, but it's better to seek expert doctor make a diagnosis and give treatment, don't disorderly cure themselves.3, for a pregnancy testIn addition to check urine, blood, ultrasonic, also can use birth control pills for withdrawal bleeding trials (generally pleased with progesterone).3 times a day, a 3 piece, a total of two days.If not pregnant, should discontinuation in 3 days or so to blood, such as drug withdrawal 7 still blood is likely to be already pregnant in the future.This method is said to be adverse to the fetus, so only in the case of the tire decided not to use.4, relieve the endometriosisNo for another good medicine.5, preventing basin of infectionIt is said that can prevent the basin infection, such as serving more than one year can reduce 2/3 appendagitis, reduce 90% of ectopic pregnancy, breast tumor by 10% ~ 10%, reduce 1/3, ovarian cancer endometriosis reduce half.Breast cancer has increased said, has said the 10% reduction.Of myocardial infarction, high blood pressure, the influence of vein thrombosis and so on also have, anyway, still unable to agree.6, blood for blood work to stop the bleedingDysfunctional uterine bleeding (hereinafter referred to as "function", not as "palace blood") using a short-acting contraceptives to stop bleeding, effect is more than ninety percent of the master.Dose owing to the different condition.Generally, take 9, to amuse transplanting time to good effect.In advanced disease can eat more a few, the best is to be taken every 8 hours or 12 hours.How long is very exquisite.Because a withdrawal bleed again, of course, we don't want to just stop went to blood, blood that is put on the medicine more than twenty days, about a month after the next to the blood.If haemorrhage is much, also do not have to include the book, the fifth day of the prescribed and can be blood DiYiLiangTian in medication, medication early, early bleeding, why not?7, regulate the menstrual function is not idealIf this month period, on the surface it is month to "period", the quantity is not much, the patient often thought that disease is cured, recurrence of disease often actually stopped taking the drug.Because the disease function, especially during puberty and menopause, is eight or nine into to false menstruation of ovulation.Thoroughly cure function, it must establish its own normal ovulation function, and during puberty, it is extremely important.Pharmacological effects and birth control pill is inhibit ovulation, so if use birth control pills work, adjust the menstrual blood, that is more that aren't working.Strictly speaking, this is not a cure, but the added fuel to the fire!Women of childbearing age I don't advocate using contraceptives menstruation, is only applicable to menopause.