News; The benefits of laugh to sex

Published: Thursday 18 December, 2014

Laugh often, not only can let a person to keep a good mood, also helps to improve sex life.On June 27, this is on sale in America's new book "the science and improve the life of laughter, the latest in view.The book reveals the smile from many sided, bring the benefits of sex.First of all, laughter is a dose of natural aphrodisiacs, love smile of human life more often.American psychologist tiffany sexes Dr Davis pointed out that there are several studies have shown that laughter can make the brain produces more endorphins happy hormone, this hormone can let a person become more positive and more outgoing and sociable, so are more likely to attract the opposite sex.Often laugh, also can stimulate the pituitary gland produces more endorphins, reduces stress and, in turn, enhance sexual desire, let a person can quickly enter the state of passion.At the same time, two people love each other in the event of intimacy, cheerful smile or laugh and can bring positive emotions, resonant, arouse sexual excitement, the two sides.Second, laughter can be activated and the exercise of multiple areas of the body muscles, including the "love muscle".The "love muscle" is a group to help complete sex of pelvic floor muscles.Regular exercise, can help men control ejaculation, enhance erection;Help improve female vagina scalability, increasing chance to orgasm.According to a study in Australia, laugh for 5 minutes to the "love muscle exercise effect is equivalent to land boat rowed a 10 minutes.Laugh again, often can help improve cardiac function, promote the blood circulation, and thus help to prevent male sexual function erectile dysfunction (ED).The Mayo clinic research found that male erectile need a lot of blood into the penis, and the heart is the root of the continuous and stable blood supply, laughter could help the heart blood, thus improving erectile.Finally, laughing can help reduce weight, reduce the negative impact of obesity on sex.Laughter 10 ~ 15 minutes a day, 1 year down can reduce 1 ~ 2 kg.Help to improve the quality of life of husband and wife to lose weight.The main reasons include: 1. The belly fat will hinder the penis into the vagina, affect sexual action.If couples are obese, will cause the vagina to intercourse.Husband wife obesity is easy to cause discomfort, and even "sexual crush syndrome".2. Obesity increases the risk of diabetes, and diabetes can cause nerve and vascular lesions, is bound to affect sexual function.3. Obesity increases the risk of high blood pressure, and a lot of antihypertensive drugs decreased sexual function.4. Endocrine diseases caused by obesity itself can cause sexual abnormality.