News; Swimming accident benefits for men

Published: Thursday 18 December, 2014

Men want to have a satisfactory sex, prostate health is very important.The prostate is very delicate, however, as we age, many men will be affected by prostate problems.At this point, the movement and nurse is very important.Exercise can improve blood circulation, make prostate fluid secretion is more vigorous, thus to reduce inflammation, to relieve lumbar acid bilges, perineal discomfort, lower abdomen pain nerve dysfunction, and chronic prostate symptom such as neurasthenia.Regular exercise can send drug faster to prostate glands, so as to improve the curative effect of drugs, improve the quality of life of the patients.However, patients with prostate movement also have exquisite.Unfavorable choose to ride a bicycle, motorcycle, horse riding, racing, riding across the sport, because these games make the urethra and prostate directly oppressed, and friction of turbulence in the movement, easy to cause the prostate hyperemia and edema, aggravating illness.Recommended by the sport is jogging, fast walking and swimming.Swimming can promote prostate local blood and lymph circulation, help to prostate gland inflammation subsidise.But beware, swimming pool water temperature too low, it is best at 25 ? ~ 30 ?.Water temperature is too low, can stimulate glands shrinkage and congestion, increase liquid deposition within the prostate, further influence prostate health.Swimming speed control, about 30 meters per minute, about 15 ~ 20 minutes.