News; Make love novel type Let her uncontrolled shivering

Published: Wednesday 17 December, 2014

Make haste to sexYour time will often take up by work, children, entertainment, appear very not enough use.But sexology expert points out: the couple with the lack of the sleep time, go to bed without interference can be part of the problem, mainly is the couple did not fully properly to make good use of time.If there are ten minutes is available, then to a quick sex.Sounds may be too hasty, but rapidly making love is not necessarily a bad thing.In fact, many couples appreciate sharply sex brought about by the stimulation, still can make secret only belong to two people feeling, especially in front of the relatives and friends to come to dinner with.Touch libidoAfter a few years after marriage life, often touch partner, the feelings of both sex more often makes cement down.Experts said: "in addition to make love, many couples will be rare soulful caressing each other, they may feel uncomfortable."Improve the stroke technique is to eliminate all barriers to good effect of sex.Serious expression desire in my heartMany men in bed would act like asceticism monk, with our sincere strength to try to cover every inch of your skin, to please you.If you want him to stay in one place, you should send out some instructions to him.Multiple locations sexIf the bed is the only place you make love, it may miss to make love in other parts of the home gets high sexual pleasure.Start from the kitchen, can consider to use cabinet and refrigerator all the delicious food, which could lead before you arrive, not to the boundary.Repeatedly does in each room, if you had realized makes love the taste on the bedroom rocking chair, you can enter a deeper realm of sex.Don't leave any time sexA lot of people get excited in the home, but on the way to bedrooms, there would be many things to distract, soon if not.Experts point out that if you want to enjoy more and better sex, when it is lust to act immediately.When you feel the sex drive high, do not go to pay attention to other things.Concentrate, don't let slip a heated.Do everything possible, choose home immediately start somewhere.Bold to say how you feelThrough the above link, your sexual communication skills have been enhanced, is now ready to increase the verbal skills to another level, put forward special requirements or share the disposable fantasy.Let lovers know required in my heart, or with a note to write down your heart thinking, or try to bookmark skill: in a descriptive fantasy book, find out what you want to "repeat" scene, and then use the red pen do in this part of the tag, then put the book on his bed.Before one day in advance has sexual intercourse, inform him reading these chapters, let he has enough time to comprehend thoroughly content.Give each other the most neededMen love fondle way, in fact, there are many different changes, and they themselves are often appears powerless.In this part, he will show you the good, it is very instructive and stimulating.When you ask him to demonstrate the way to like to play with penis, often feel embarrassed.Might as well to communicate with him at first, the key is that he must believe that you really want to see the demonstration, he won't be too uncomfortable.Stir up sexual emotionsIn sex good, copulation desire basic is not accidental at all, even if their eyes, there is no any sexual stimulation, also can momentarily.At the same time.In general, when men and women both parties are flattered and joy, make on the sex will be more enthusiastic.To express the more specific, it can show you more of evaluation is true.Can also create the atmosphere are eager.If the evening plan sex, can be dressed in the morning, try to reveal that desire to take off it.When ready to help him straighten ties, and slowly pull up pants zipper.Asked him to button bust for you, before its hands out of your back, let the hair on it.Some new elementsOne day, suddenly feel the same way is very boring, how to do?If dare to try, you can get unexpected harvest inevitably.Some study, take the time to make a enlightening sex menu, can consult relevant books.Take the menu to go to bed in one night, then read together with the husband, selecting and try new sexual technique remember to stay flexible and put it in mind.Or use the durex pleasure when sexual foreplay lubricants with the human body.Through heart cool feeling, stimulate new experience for sex, water-soluble texture, help and love is more high, bring moist pleasure to each other!Enjoy peak, such as tide passion tentacles.