News; Newly married How to express sexual behavior

Published: Tuesday 16 December, 2014

XinHunQi sex to express?Newlyweds genders are inseparable, so the frequency of sexual life will be more, but at this time is even more need to pay attention to do a good job of sexual health, because only the scientific and healthy, couple can play a positive role.The frequency of XinHunQi is more commonly.First month in the honeymoon period (marry), general average l - 2 times a day.Of course, the best frequency is not deposit, as long as your body can adapt to, not too tired to go.In terms of sex itself, there would be no effect to the body.From the perspective of the forms of sexual behaviour, the traditional way for women to lie on your back on the male type face to face.But so far, the posture of varied, and related to customs and individual differences.Different ethnic groups have their prevailing posture, and at the same time allow several.Some primitive peoples, in normal for young men and women to teach skills.Of course, every one of them just think is the most suitable method for yourself.Some people, generally pose for them is very difficult, can only get pleasure with some special position.Some research suggests that the traditional female recumbent position is the most pleasure for women is not easy to make.Therefore, when for some women have sexual dysfunction, often adopt the method of change their position.Sex is an acceptable way.Yes, use your lips to kiss, suck organ, is not in line with the aesthetic standards, but, even the most standard way cannot be accord with the aesthetic standard.In the United States, according to a survey in the normal, healthy, has the social status of married women, 73% of people have experience to mouth kiss penis, or kiss her husband, or her husband kissed her, no bad results.Is the controversy more sex, it can bring some health factors.For example, may cause of intestinal wall and the organization of the sphincter, may lead to different microbial infection.The most worrying is that the AIDS virus (HIV) in the potentially large.So, including safe or not to try to exercise restraint, or in the use of condoms.From a physical point of view, as long as it can bring the two sides meet and sexual pleasure, what kind of way is allowed.From the point of view of ethics, as long as harmless to himself and the society, what kind of way is feasible.XinHunQi sexual behavior, but also pay attention to several questions.If a woman rupture of membrane, in order to prevent infection, the sex of a few days shall be suspended.In addition, because XinHunQi sex mania and lack of experience, easy to other parts of the bacteria to the organ, causing urinary reproductive system infection.Therefore, it is important to pay special attention to the XinHunQi sexual health.XinHunQi belongs to start running-in stage, especially before no sex couples, will need to consider all aspects, such as membrane rupture, or sexual skill not enough skilled and so on questions, consider these problems, more conducive to harmony in your marriage.