News; The skillys which are easy to orgasm During sex

Published: Monday 15 December, 2014

What kind of orgasm is what you want?Do you know what women need to orgasm?Orgasm is need sexual technique, so below small make up to tell you some sexual technique, very the canal USES sexual technique!Foreplay is romantic enoughWomen's sexual instinct desire to get sufficient contact (caress, tightly embrace, the key is the combination of sexual organs closely, fully, enough, stimulus).Only women contact desire fully, enough to meet women's sexual excitement accumulation impulsive energy can be released, orgasm, two people meet.Slow down the pace of lifeAppropriate adjust their lifestyle and the pace of life, don't let life to your breath.You know, not pick up to wear clothes, need to play before and after the play, more in need of love and comfortable environment.Select the appropriate living environment is in your sex, sex that can give you the only point of satisfaction.Keep things freshSometimes don't wet because of the man of the woman, the body has lost its novelty, familiar with the mode of "sex" as if know the result from the start.Try to change the way you, let every time is full of fresh taste.So when sex must take durex koro ball, can make you more enjoy another orgasm during sex, it is easier to reach sexual gratification, know how in the sexual climax, more can let you enjoy the satisfaction in sex, sexual desire between persistent partners.The clitoris stimulation movementFront has six sex skills are introduced, and important for women is described in this section of the clitoris stimulation techniques.Whatever you do what kind of sexual intercourse movement, without the clitoris stimulation, directly or indirectly to the women is not easy to achieve orgasm, that men have to know.Therefore, according to the different positions, men in sexual intercourse at the same time, it is necessary to use finger to caress the clitoris.Vaginal contractionsYin is a contraction mouth muscle group, increased sexual techniques.Through training, contractible vagina is very tight, the simplest method is to shrink the anus of practice.Vagina sphincter and by the same innervation of anal sphincter.So, a contraction of anal sphincter, vagina sphincter inevitably accompanied by shrinkage.Enhancement and shrinkage force of practice, not a single is a joy for men, by contracting the vaginal opening to improve the response sensitivity to stimuli, to strengthen the women's sex appeal.Shame tail muscle trainingThis full name "pubic coccyx muscle exercise".Pubic coccyx distribution around the vaginal opening, the principle of this kind of practice is sensitivity to have an orgasm through vaginal area.It for delivery in the existing pubic bone muscle expansion phenomenon or pubic coccyx muscle is thin women especially useful.Specific practice is: legs sitting on the potty, separately with the continual micturition exercise pubic muscles.Control the muscles of the urine is pubic coccyx.Do 6 times a day, each contraction under 10, and gradually increase.