News; Alcohol affect sexual function

Published: Monday 28 July, 2014

Alcohol effects on female sexual is no less man's impact on it. Alcohol abuse women common sexual dysfunction include sexual inhibition, orgasmic dysfunction, sexual intercourse and vaginal spasm pain. Other problems include mental disorders, sexual characteristics is abate, shrunken oaries, infertility, etc., these women in the chronic alcoholism.
Alcohol affect sexual function mechanisms include:
A, inhibiting physiological arousal, with the increasing of alcohol concentration, physiological reaction diminishing sexual arousal.
Second, vitamin deficiency and liver injury due to alcohol, and sex hormone metabolism, thus appeared menstrual scarce, vaginal lubrication.
Three, alcohol nerve pathological changes caused by interference of sexual arousal somatosensory pathway.
Four, due to malnutrition caused by alcohol or its nerve pharmacological effects can cause organic brain damage, interpersonal and sexual interest accordingly.
Five, the secondary to alcohol cause sexual dysfunction disorders such as diabetes, high blood pressure, urinary tract infections, etc.