News; How to determine sexual stimulation Whether or not fully

Published: Wednesday 03 December, 2014

Nowadays, people generally understand, before sex, marital affection to eliminate tension and anxiety, relaxation, arouse the desire to help each other, and gradually into the state, is quite important.This is sexual foreplay, it is an essential part of sex.In general, there is no sufficient sexual stimulation, sexual excitement aroused, and rushed into the sex life, is difficult to obtain satisfying sex experience.: how to determine sexual stimulation sufficient?So, how to judge whether the foreplay "almost"?There is a very simple way - to observe each other's chest.In the sexual excitement period, men and women both parties may appear a "glow", similar to the maculopapule women are more common.It began in the abdomen, and then quickly spread to the chest, because of the environment and the light, may ignore this phenomenon between lovers.For used to turn on the light sex couples, the flush is sign before the climax of the most simple and direct.In addition, men can also observe whether lover is a vaginal lubrication, the glans swelling, nipple erectile, labia minora separately, the phenomenon such as vaginal expansion, it's more about foreplay more fully, can enter the real sex.The expert remindsWhat need reminds is, due to objective reasons such as color, some people's sexual flush lighter, if deliberately in order to see clearly and extended foreplay, it will reduce the sexuality.Some men touch behavior isn't automatically, but for your partner to feel better, or prepare her, so maybe it desires to build atmosphere.So long time foreplay will let him feel irritable, also will be difficult to maintain an erection, finally even may cause erectile disappear.The result is to make the men become passive, even if the lover's desire fire burning, but may not have sex.And for women, always extend sexual foreplay can lead to sexual excitement can not comfort, cause sustained pelvic congestion, cause a series of gynecological diseases, especially in the psychological, will make her feel disappointed and upset.In addition, repeated continuous pelvic congestion, the male prostate is also very bad.