News; Male penis "erection" new concept

Published: Monday 24 November, 2014

Male penis had been Austria sexologist, human sexual activity research professor Freud called sexual behavior of a pioneer of execution organs.In art and literature in the past dynasties, people give the penis so much admired, praise and condemnation.Many the myth of the genitals, has affected the human culture, behavior, biology and medicine, they cover the functions of the penis feel, excessively exaggerating the role of the active function of the penis. To understand why the penis erection, but also from the anatomy of the penis. The penis is composed of three long shape sponge, including 2 corpus cavernosum in dorsal and is located in the ventral 1 corpus spongiosum (urethra through them).Corpora cavernosa is erectile tissue, especially the cavernous sinus and arterial wall smooth muscle.Wrapped around the penis, in turn, its excellent organization for the skin, superficial fascia of the penis, penis deep fascia and white film.In order to effectively play a role, the fascia must have a highly penile erectile stiffness and the axial force, and the penis when the weak become soft;The fascia layer during erection must be symmetrical to extend and increase weeks diameter, and form a straight erection.White membrane structure is complex, the inner fiber assumes the circular, the outer longitudinal shape.A healthy white membrane of collagen fiber and its lower elastic fiber has a close relation, strong sexual response to normal side and the other side of the soft.Multi-level fascia arrangement can make a layer of fascia on another layer of sliding, so that you can erect to prevent venous blood flow.Under normal circumstances, the blocking mechanism and trabecular smooth muscle and small artery relaxation is simultaneous, so that a large number of arterial blood flow, the cavernous sinus gap to expand, small vein compression under the white film.Another white membrane fascia layer slide to guide each other vein occlusion, reduce venous outflow and helps to form a full hard penis erection. Need to know is: because the white film thickness of the corpora cavernosa is dense, white film is thinner, of the corpus spongiosum in penile erectile hardness is poorer, but more flexible.Because the penis head without capsule, corpus spongiosum and penis when erect only volume expansion, not like the penis sponge body with thick fat white film and provide to erection of hardness, so head when erect penis is also very soft.Some men have sex does not meet the both sides of the glans penis is not hard to blame, even said that the past has been very hard, not hard now, this is a misunderstanding.Recognize the corpora cavernosa, corpus spongiosum and penis head is between film and the difference of internal structure, can understand the differences of their functions, and the different performance in the erection. Cause penile erectile has three main factors: psychogenic erectile, reflective erection and erection at night.Caused by cerebral cortex stimulation gratified rational erect;Said reflective produced by local stimulation of the penis erection. Psychogenic erectile is hear, smell, sight, taste, touch, or thinking to imagine excitement and cortical center, and through the spinal thoracic lumbar segment erection center by the sympathetic efferent, also can through the sacral spinal cord segment erection center by the parasympathetic nerve, dominant erectile tissue.Reflex erections receptors from genital stimulation and from the internal organs (including the rectum and bladder) within the sensory stimulation, by pudendal nerve afferent, the deputy sacral sympathetic efferent dominate erectile tissue.Stimulus and rational reflection sexual stimulation often synergy, but can also be used independently.On the other hand, psychological stimulation inhibits and hinder the reflex erections (this is a central sympathetic nervous tension increased).Thoracic lumbar segment center is mainly responsible for psychogenic erectile, while the sacral segment central to both an erection. For nocturnal penile erection, early in this century 40 s, halverson and ohlmeyer has successively described in infants and adults during sleep can happen the erect penis physiological phenomenon, this is the objective performance of subconscious penis activity.Karacan in 1970, the first use of nocturnal penile erectile physiological phenomena to identify psychogenic impotence, the so-called night penile swelling test.Recent studies have shown that night penile erectile may be related with the stage of sleep.People found in the process of eight hours of sleep, every 2 hours for a unit, shallow (rapid eye movement) sleep and deep sleep (slow brain waves) 2 process, there are 4 times repeatedly.Shallow sleep for 20 minutes to 25 minutes, deep sleep for about 90 minutes.Into the shallow sleep, can happen penile erection.Therefore, regular sleep man about appear penile erectile 4 ~ 6 times a night, sustainable 25 ~ 30 minutes at a time.If under the shallow sleep wake up in the morning, can be called "the morning erection". As a result, the penis erection is a complicated nerve vascular response, in addition to need three blood dynamic coordination (increased arterial blood flow, cavernous sinus smooth muscle relaxation and reduce penile venous reflux), it remains to be nervous, neurotransmitter, smooth and white film, under the neurotransmitter regulation, penis artery and cavernous smooth muscle relaxation, arteries and cavernous sinus expansion, increase in arterial blood flow, decrease venous outflow, penile erectile for sexual intercourse;After ejaculation the penis artery and the contraction of the cavernous sinus, venous plexus under open white membrane, blood flow to guide vein, the penis is weak, that is the mechanism of penis erection and the weak.Any impact on the erect psychological factors (such as all kinds of psychological trauma, relationship or interpersonal relationship not harmonious, inappropriate sex places, etc.) and various physical factors (vascular, neurologic, secretory, drugs and alcohol, tobacco, etc.) can cause erectile not, namely impotence.