News; Can effectively overcome the premature ejaculation healthy sex

Published: Monday 24 November, 2014

A healthy sex is contained inside the harmonious sex.Sex, although not in the duration of sex and decide whether the sex are of good quality, but only reasonable sex time can ensure double the pleasure.Between the famous Chinese expert professor He Xiaonian said, men of premature ejaculation problem seriously affect sexual harmony between husband and wife.Even so, everyone is to correctly understand the phenomenon of premature ejaculation.Correct understanding of what is sex premature ejaculationIn fact, there is a male men and women sex characteristics of fast female slow man performance for erectile quickly, quickly into orgasm and ejaculation;Sexual excitement and women appeared slower, typically after 10 minutes, or longer.This is the difference of characteristics of male and female reproductive system produce, so men have ejaculation and the woman did not reach orgasm, this is normal phenomenon.Do not blindly believe men suffering from premature ejaculation.For the situation, can alleviate feelings through mutual communication.Premature ejaculation is not sex time shorter than othersMany men know their after ejaculation time shorter than others, began to doubt myself, even think that they suffer from premature ejaculation.Actually ejaculation time length have great individual differences, also with a partner, both sides of the state and the surrounding environment has a lot to do, the same man in different circumstances ejaculation time length also have very big difference.So men need not to compare with others ejaculation time length, more do not consider themselves suffering from premature ejaculation.Not for a long time ah fast not premature ejaculation ejaculationEjaculation time length, and the intercourse between the length of time there is an inverse relationship.That is to say, frequent sex, short time intervals between each sex, sex ejaculation time will be longer.Sex is not much, under the sex sexual hunger for a long time, sexual excitement in, once sex can rapid ejaculation.So for this kind of occasionally for a long time did not have sex, once appear sex ejaculation too fast, not as premature ejaculation.Men for premature ejaculation understanding what mistake?Through the above introduction, everyone for premature ejaculation of misunderstanding must be understood.In our daily life, in order to avoid premature ejaculation harm, we must know more about the causes of premature ejaculation, and completes the prevention work, at the same time, adhere to a good living habits and mental state, we can keep a healthy body.Then, in the face of premature ejaculation, we how to treat?Alleviate the psychological pressure of premature ejaculation patientsWhen it comes to the treatment, both at home and abroad is recommended.From psychological treatment at the same time, you can ask the patient to teach sex related knowledge, help patients relieve worries, reduce some psychological anxiety and nervousness.Can also teaches patients through muscle relaxation method to eliminate the fear and anxiety before sexual intercourse.Keep calm when sexual intercourseEarly sexual intercourse, the man tried to calm, gentle slow, take full advantage of the characteristics of her sexual feel loose, supplemented by caress movement, a sexy maid like the concentration on the genitals, and promote its climax early arrival.When the man felt a strong desire to restraint, ejaculation can rest for a moment, can inhibit the occurrence of ejaculation.After a short rest and then continue, can avoid habitual phenomenon of premature ejaculation.The joint efforts of both sides of husband and wifeGreen therapy of physical delay therapy (family), belongs to the premature ejaculation behavior therapy, behavior therapy belongs to the category of psychology, first by the male foreign experts will be applied to the treatment of premature ejaculation, its principle is to change the way of thinking and behavior, with inherent human body form to behavior.Behavioral therapy in the treatment of premature ejaculation mainly been abroad through the joint efforts of both sides of husband and wife, mutual change behavior, in the process, clinical doctors to guide behavior.This method hasn't been implemented in China, but very effective oh.Wearing durex self-esteem when in sex persistent condoms, can effectively prolong the male orgasm, prolong sex.