News; Your sexual ability belong to which level?

Published: Friday 21 November, 2014

What is a good grade, sexuality is no exception. Sexual ability is all people care about things, someone will always boasts about his sexual ability how strong, but sexual ability how to judge? Here to understand together. A female net friend say: "love, is the necessary condition to reach orgasm. Have a good love will put himself" hand over ", there is a 'I gave you all, do it at your' sense of dedication. Once had an orgasm just right, there is no love also can reach orgasm in your imagination.... make love is not to reach orgasm. Mood relaxed maybe when an unexpected climax ".
Of course these words also has shortcomings, why want to "hand over" and "you"? Seems to put himself in a completely passive position, to give up sex autonomy and initiative. I think women should be a happy woman chasing the high tide, that is the real perfect woman, just like the sunflower chasing the sun's light.
Someone said that their sexual ability how wonderful, how can we objectively judgment or evaluation? Male patients in clinical examination, for example, when using some questionnaires to preliminary judgment how their sexual function, sexual dysfunction. But to the person of ability whether can also set up some objective evaluation standards? If the player can be divided into tertiary, secondary, primary and athlete, so men and women's sexual ability and how to evaluate? Whether we can also try to designate a female orgasm ability to imitate the standard? Here, of course, is quality, not quantity, some women boasts hundreds of sexual partners, but have not reached a climax in the sex, the sexual ability didn't pass the exam; Is its ability to defeated many rivals or not what the top how much of the game. The following is our initial idea, topic, in order to discuss. Before the top do the appropriate revision according to everybody's opinion, it should be said that the so-called standard is open, we will constantly revised and to be as objective as possible, perfecting and has better operability.
Must first rule out orgasm disorder refers to female sexual interest and demand, but during sexual activity while buoyed by enough strength and effectiveness and sexual excitement period after reaction, orgasm is repeatedly or continue to delay or lack of, they can only get low levels of sexual pleasure, so little or it is difficult to achieve sexual satisfaction. This barrier is caused significant pain and interpersonal difficulties, should except other may make any diagnosis.
Then to the sexual ability evaluation, evaluation is a partner is the premise of qualified, is a positive attitude, ability is good, after all is power rather than resistance; 2 it is not by factors other than human.
The first it is common that in the case, to meet the premise is still not meet the following standards at all levels.
Is the second level 3: often or always in all kinds of sexual behavior (together with your partner or masturbation) in orgasm.
The third is the secondary: eligible for level 3, and in some way, be capable of multiple orgasms and ejaculation passive or active ability.
Finally the level 1: to qualify for the secondary conditions, and in any manner, any situation has active, it can self control ability of ejaculation.
, of course, this is a preliminary idea, the so-called classification standard is open, for discussion, will certainly be constantly revised and to be as objective as possible, perfecting and has better operability.
Is to say, the classification will be whether "active, self control ejaculation" as one of the important measure of female sexuality? B: yes. Female ejaculation is in the process of sexual activity in the process of liquid through the urethra in vitro. In terms of anatomical structure of every woman is the same, but ejaculation is not everyone can experience. Which both the innate reason, also has the day after tomorrow. Of course women can by self exercise, to master the ability.
Whether ejaculation, and female special muscle strength, is closely related to the control. Studies have found that clip legs habit since I was a child, or swimming for a long time, can exercise a strong women of abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, ejaculation ability is strong. In addition, the more excited, discharge quantity, the more the ejaculation are the easier it is to happen. At the same time, learning to relax is also very important. If a woman have to suppress your to keep bladder sphincter closed and tighten your pelvic floor muscles, it is impossible to ejaculation.
Want a netizen comments are always also will not come, she said: "he who doesn't want to be a general is not a good soldier, then also, intercourse is sweetly don't want to get the climax of a woman is not a be courageous and knowledgeable enterprising strong-minded woman, just is the woman's name. Happy who is not who reward, but want to rely on themselves to strive for, and no such enterprising heart, then woman also is a status quo, adventurous woman, only and opportunity of happiness!!! Only changed in this way can the consciousness of women there is a big advance, in order to win their own sex"