News; Men are more love Ripe female?

Published: Friday 21 November, 2014

Nowadays more and more open, ripe female began to popular, according to reports, some men are more willing to associate with ripe female, because in ripe female sex more experience, more attractive. Traditional concepts, most men prefer to find a young women for marriage object, in fact, the mature female has its unique charm more. Recently, the us "Yourtango" respect, through the investigation summarizes the modern men are more willing to communicate with mature women 10 reasons.
1. She has a rich experience. Mature women generally have a longer experience exchanges between men and women, which have rich experiences. This experience makes them more understand the men and women.
2. She knows what she wants. In life, mature women's psychological and emotional is more stable, gentle, know what you want, what to do. Sexually mature women know how to get pleasure, also know their own sensitive areas.
3. She know what men want. Through the past sexual experience, mature woman already know a lot about a man, know his preference, understand what it is best not to speak in front of men, how to encourage each other, and so on. And mature women are happy to find her boyfriend's unique needs in terms of sex, they will ask questions, and then determine what will make a man more strong. If you have not understand place, they will search for answers from books, movies and the Internet.
4. She understands the importance of sex in men and women relation. Mature women rarely take sex as a bargaining chip, two people exchange or trying to exchange sex for material comforts. Mature women know that regular sex and psychological benefits to the body, know that sex is an important link of exchanges between men and women.
5. She enjoy sex with a man. Just started dating, mature women don't have through sex to man into marriage or restart the new idea of the family. This will also reduce the pressure of a man, because during sex cannot bear too much pressure. Because the mature female no more requirements, sex is often more relax and enjoy.
6. She feel confident about his own body and sexual ability. This is strong aphrodisiac for men. The young girl may have strong sense of self, and are reluctant to speak "obscene" on the bed. Mature women during sex can play by ear, and take off your coat, men and women seem quite natural amorous feelings.
7. She will maintain oneself. Mature women tend to focus more on fitness regimen, have time to dress up oneself, they mostly healthy body, the appearance and behavior sexy and attractive. Therefore, they will be the younger men.
8. She is happy to prepare for sex. Mature women know how to control the sex, to know when, when to comply. According to the survey, mature women will buy books, sexy underwear, sex, sex products, candles and red wine, to highlight the romantic atmosphere.
9. She is not afraid of communication. Men when associating with mature women don't need to guess each other's minds. She won't answer the phone with a man to play mind games, she can also speak his straight away in dating relationships had in mind. Contacts after a period of time, she will open up their own sexual needs and desires, she is not afraid of losing each other because of his confession.
10. She is not afraid of old. Mature women already understand youth is short, she has learned how to elegant meet the experience of time. Mature woman wouldn't want others to care and give, on the contrary, they are more care for others, for others to warm.