News; How to solve the problem of premature ejaculation after marriage

Published: Friday 21 November, 2014

Newly occurred after premature ejaculation, husband and wife to correctly treat carefully.Don't mutual suspicion or indifference.To cooperate with each other, common to recuperate good sex problem.Should do the following:First, to learning about the knowledge.Due to the influence of traditional ideas, lack of the understanding of some of the young men and women of sexual knowledge, sexual physiology and pathology of blind but I don't know.When sexual problems, feel at a loss.Some young people new to sexual life after wedding, the spirit of excessive excitement, sexual excitement comes too fast, happened a few times premature ejaculation is inevitable, it is not sick, need not nervous.To eliminate the nervous fear, maintain spirit free from worry, learning knowledge, sexual knowledge and skills.Second, premature ejaculation man, his wife to be more caring.Man premature ejaculation, first is the psychological problems, fear, anxiety and guilt, it's need more kindly care and considerate of his wife.If it is to cooperate to be not coordinated marital intercourse should accumulate experience through practice, prolonged intercourse preparation time.Due to long-term masturbation or excessive sex life after marriage, should be appropriate abstinence.Sexual intercourse when using condoms to sex, either birth control, is also a kind of method to avoid premature ejaculation.Because the condom can reduce the sensitivity of the male sexual excitement, can prolong ejaculation.Should also improve the living environment, to eliminate the adverse effects of environmental factors.And third, not in sexual intercourse frequency under the condition of excessive fatigue.Under the state of fatigue sex too frequently, the two sides of sexual desire will not get full development, will not bring to both the male and the female sexual pleasure.In this state, man prone to premature ejaculation, woman easy cause sex apathy.Treatment is the best way to suspend a sexual life, avoid sexual stimulation, at the same time work life regularly.Appropriate to strengthen nutrition, appropriate take part in physical exercise and recreational activity, relieve fatigue state of overload, assure enough sleep time.Stay in better health, sexual nature back to normal, will be more natural and premature ejaculation.Fourth, active prevention and treatment of genitourinary inflammation.After the wedding because the reason such as sexual impurity, frequency can cause inflammation of the urogenital system.Wrapping is too long to the penis, penis foreskin frenum too short surgery to correct, organ inflammation and urinary tract inflammation to anti-inflammatory therapy.In addition, underwear do not overtighten, keep clean, often washing, it is also an effective way to prevention and treatment of premature ejaculation.For severe premature ejaculation, can use Chinese medicine kidney taken or clinical acupuncture and moxibustion, massage, comprehensive treatment.