News; how to to with obesity affects sexual desire?

Published: Tuesday 18 November, 2014

Q: I'm fat, often someone behind me like a "lady", because of this, I hate myself.I am in slimming, but so far no desire sex, is this normal?Answer: there are some obvious overweight women about their body image lack self-confidence felt extremely uncomfortable, even if not willing to see their partners nude image, turn off the lights before you go to bed, etc.Due to long-term weight loss, and is insensitive to the signals is becoming more and more for their hunger, and appetite is out of control.Their dwindling in social activities, so they will feel abandoned, lonely and lack of self-esteem.If this situation continues, will lead to their lack of interpersonal communication ability, psychological development will not sound.In fact, obese women's sexual problems encountered in the process of weight loss, but they have no appreciation of their own image.In addition, some people to lose weight too much expectation, always thought that weight loss will have empathy don't love her husband back.Fantasy, however, does not make all the problems solved, life is not naturally become perfect, psychological imbalance will bring more serious marital conflict or conflict.And for men, active, cheerful woman is their favorite, and you may want to love a little fat a little better.