News; he consequences of sex in the back did not shoot

Published: Tuesday 18 November, 2014

Ordinary people all hope to get the ejaculation of pleasure in sexual life, but some people for some reason (such as fear of pregnancy, semen is considered human essence, etc.), during intercourse will reach orgasm is simmered did not shoot, even with the hand hold the penis before orgasm that semen cannot penetrate.This kind of tolerating did not shoot is harmful, its reason has four: A short while to make men and women both parties are not satisfied: ejaculation is a normal physiological process, not only can produce sexual pleasure, get satisfaction, make the harmonious sex life of men and women both parties, and can make the family happy happy life, full of fun.Choked back did not shoot will lose the fun of life and make both sides are not met. 2 it is fine not to shoot prone to sexual dysfunction: sexual reaction process is a natural process, artificially to interfere with or control can make sexual happens disorder, endure essence is through the brain to control, this kind of restraint can produce inhibition, prone to sexual dysfunction.Some people with "no ejaculation disorder", it is because the "back". Three can cause infertility: retrograde ejaculation orgasm vas deferens, seminal vesicle and prostate gland and urethral muscle contraction rhythm, ejaculation must occur, should control also of no help.If forcibly with the hand hold that semen cannot eduction, semen rear tend to be forced to break through the bladder within the mouth into the bladder, forming "retrograde ejaculation.So for a long time to be able to form a conditioned reflex, retrograde ejaculation occurred frequently, causing infertility. Four is the root of many kinds of sexual dysfunction or neurasthenia, choked back did not shoot some people are afraid that the loss of semen, semen is the essence of human body.Semen but actually is a kind of secretions, not through the ejaculation, must by the spermatorrhea or loss with urination.And there is often a variety of this kind of thinking the root cause of sexual dysfunction or neurasthenia.