News; what farm if have sex with eat too full ?

Published: Friday 07 November, 2014

Couple's sex life always let a person feel very good, especially some newly married couples, they having sex frequency will be relatively a bit higher. But if sex life time without mastering is likely to cause harm to the body, such as some would like to wash a hot bath after having sex, while others prefer after dinner, after dinner, people often are in a state of satiety, if having sex right now is of great harm to the body, so what harm does
Eat too full to force sex what harm is there
1 food could digest intestines and stomach after a meal, then in a state of very plentiful but also full of blood, so when the brain and other organs can appear insufficient blood supply, will affect both sides want to obtain in the process of sex of pleasure
Step 1
2 second, due to feast on the blood mainly concentrated in the intestines and stomach, so of blood to the penis place enough, will affect the normal erectile men during sex or other sexual excitement. If also drinking in the process of eating is to cause a decline in sexual desire
3 men if before sex too full to eat, and eat some more greasy food, so male testosterone is a lot of restrictions, affect the normal erection and reduced libido, but sex before the appropriate eat sea cucumber is can help improve sexual desire, etc
Sex if you eat too full before it can greatly reduce the sexual desire, and for men will affect the normal erection, so sex before shoulds not be too full, but instead, appropriate to eat some sea cucumber can help increase libido