News; The influence of inventory for sex Accounting the most boring

Published: Saturday 26 July, 2014

Career will inevitably affect all aspects of life. According to Australia's new fast network coverage, one of Australia's biggest sex survey suggests that the influence degree of the career of sex than people imagine.
Carried out by local dating sites "big Australian sex census (GreatAustralianSexCensus) survey of 17000 australians, reveal their behavior in the bedroom, and some surprising data.
According to the survey, construction workers, lawyers, real estate brokerage and transportation workers look great sex life, but for financial, IT and communication practitioners strong but a little difference.
People working in the law to satisfaction with sexual life highest (about 54.5%). But almost half of IT workers and telecommunications workers (about 44%) are unhappy with their sex lives.
According to the survey, said the people who work in finance activity in the bed of the time can only last for a few minutes, they sleep with each other in a first date is only half of the construction site at the same time. Builders proved to be "brazen" a group of - they are most likely to conceal true age, in exchange for sexual interests.
Few people will associate lorry drivers for people with eccentricity, but according to the survey, more than half of the transportation and logistics workers like to put the food into the bedroom, they also like to swear while having sex.
The big Australian sex census also points out that most australians like sexual activity in bed (51.9%), followed by apartment balcony (7.1%), the bathroom (5.8%) (6.6%) and the beach. About one-third of people many times weekly intercourse (32.5%), only 2.3% of the lucky ones to be fuck many times a day. In addition, 75% of respondents are heterosexuals, 75% is gay, and 19.3% is bisexual.