News; In a short period of time The secondary sex health hazard

Published: Friday 07 November, 2014

In a short period of time of the two sex is has a larger effect on health, although the physiological needs, but as far as possible to arrange time to have sex, many male friends after sex not erect again in a few minutes, after erection will also want to the second, if it is often easy to cause the phenomenon of premature ejaculation.
Step 1
2 short timeliness life two words on both sides of the body damage is bigger, sex is generally a short time will consume two larger strength, when and if it is a lack of exercise, at the time of the next day would be easy to feel backache backache, easy to feel tired, so will affect the work.
3 short time sex easily lead to two female friends of the vagina, the phenomenon of the dry, but if a male friend can control good, can let a female friend to orgasm, so when I was in the second sex won't feel women vaginal dryness, if feel no words don't forced.
Sex when both will have a good interest in sex, many female friends feel tired after the first sexual love, vagina is easy to appear the phenomenon of dryness, if knew again, this time it is easy to cause pain.