News; Female sex apathy, what medicine should take

Published: Tuesday 04 November, 2014

Sex apathy is to point to the lack of sexual desire, informally to sex without interest, namely there is also a loss of libido. Specific performance in less sex, sex just routine at a time, one party actively, the other is passive to cooperate. About sex without the fantasy, also did not expect, there are many factors that can general cold, such as psychological and emotional is nutrition is weak, irregular life pressure is mostly have relations, such as smoking, drinking too much can be lead to apathy.
Sex apathy points a lot of kinds, if is emotional factors. I think that is the need to communicate with each other on both sides, both sides of husband and wife open unfair questions are clear, find the source to solve step by step, emotional problem is hard to judge, because two people live together needs to be tolerant to each other, so can't escape the problem, should actively face the positive solution. Women and easy to hide in the in the mind of doubt.
2 if it is caused by congenital body sex apathy, I think can go to professional hospital sees a doctor, don't to a private hospital, because shy heart depends on a lot of people don't want to go to the hospital. In fact, a lot of people with low patients just don't want to acknowledge and accept, must first accept their defects can use the courage to solve the problem. The hospital nursing is usually proprietary Chinese medicine is more, to be slow, but must adhere to.
Sex apathy -- three general hospital doctors can prescribe hormonal drugs like ethylene female phenol, methyl testosterone that western medicine, but the drugs can't often eat, usually eat 20 days, eat when it's such a drug of some vitamin c and vitamin e and so on, because is hormonal drug side effect is very big, meets the needs of the eat vitamin drugs for more than a month to slowly to recuperate.
Sex apathy must true face, can not escape, escape doesn't solve any problems, on the other side also should have tolerance and tolerant attitude, can't have despised or discrimination of expressions, this will destroy the feelings of husband and wife, is not easy to treat. Because sex apathy is more sensitive, so make sure you have the ability of under pressure, not self-pity.