News; women too much testosterone is also the reasons of sex apathy

Published: Tuesday 04 November, 2014

Sex apathy simple
If it is feelings because cracks caused by both of the parties with the other party didn't want to have sex, the most important thing is can't escape. Think understanding partner's wrongdoing is trying to forget, before the guilty party will actively help, a little more patience, more inclusive each other, and is slowly can develop each other's feelings, bit by bit slowly to find the husband and wife's feelings. If can't understand as easy break up, so that both sides feel unhappy, a resentment, one with a guilty. Is said to sex without interest, in lack of enthusiasm for life, only mechanical cooperate with each other, lack of imagination. Some of the reasons for sex apathy. Like to live and work pressure leads to mental tension, this is a lot of people are faced with the problem, because there is no timely psychological comfort so depressed, depressed time is long, will may cause sex apathy. It is also possible that a couple cracks within the relationship, not the wrong action of right in the face of one party and deliberately escape.
To stress larger middle-aged people must learn to adjust yourself, today's society everyone has heavy pressure and responsibility, psychological feel depressed to talk timely communication, nausea in psychology, will only make yourself more and more boring, so look for a friend or partner talk is a good choice, and is to be appropriate to have a rest in the busy work, rest, it is very necessary.
3 in women with sex apathy in the diet can eat more vegetable protein, such as soybean, soybean is a raw material for synthetic estrogen in women's body and skin care has very good effect, so appropriate to eat some more, and the kind of food do not eat the estrogen. Some some chickens and ducks are hormone feeding, feeding for hormone or don't eat meat.
One of the most important both sides of husband and wife more understanding, more inclusive. Because marriage is two family, relatives to understand a lot, not blaming each other, although the hard to avoid can have unpleasant things in life, but the problem is to bulk is the most important thing. Only in this way can also hand in hand for a lifetime,, dawei.