News; In the early morning erection is very important to man

Published: Monday 03 November, 2014

Many men just woke up in the morning, will inadvertently found his penis to urine to "suppress" hard, sometimes erect is obvious, and more strong, know this man could not help secretly pleased, think this is a manifestation of the sexual ability; If one day found that morning he disappeared, will worry, think that this portends himself.
In fact, not only can have unconsciously erect is early in the morning, in the process of male deep sleep, also can have erectile condition. This kind of penile erectile usually occurred in intermittent period of rapid eye movement, namely the dream stage. The penile erectile usually don't take it
The interference of psychological factors, may appear to be a really man sexual performance. Clinically, the erection, hard and soft on the research and treatment of sexual function, provides an important indicator.
In general, men every night, there will be three to five times of erection, erection time average 15 minutes every time, but also have up to 1 hour. As long as the nerves, blood vessels and corpora cavernosa normal structure and function, can have an erection.
In the early morning erection in fact is very important to man
Clinically diagnosed in men have implement qualitative sex ED, also will use professional (avss) on nocturnal hardness meter to check status. Instrument about hand big volume, can be fixed on the thighs, and another two strap set in the head and bottom of the penis. Can record a night every time the number of times and the time of erection and erection hardness. The check for physiological and psychological ED differential diagnosis is very important. Do after the inspection, some ED patients may find themselves in fact no erectile dysfunction, ED problem also and more.
There is a German doctor, man during the period of disease, early morning penile erectile phenomenon will disappear; When the body rehabilitation, penile erectile phenomenon appears again in the early morning.
To observe the erect is morning practice, however, is not an objective, more not only with this diagnosis if they ED on his own. Sometimes, excessive fatigue, body has other problems, (avss) on nocturnal could also lead to abnormal. If therefore produce unnecessary worry, will walk into "more worry no more, more not more worried about" the vicious circle, even really appear ED.