News; Frequent sex

Published: Sunday 02 November, 2014

ED pitfalls that we encounter in the clinical work too much, summarizes the roughly a dozen myth.
First mistake: is that some guy one-time life finish is not good, occasionally feel mental stress, fatigue, is considered a ED, don't go, the shadow last has been affecting him, each having sex was afraid, when I was in another often think of this time, the result is afraid of having sex. In fact normal men, because sometimes in work and life, mood, body condition is bad, sometimes the failure of one or two sex, erect good, hardness is not good, keep running out of time, this is normal phenomenon. Especially in some of the young, unmarried men, before marriage because of the lack of sexual experience, knowledge, occasionally can sometimes lead to a failure, and these are not really ED, just forget it, forget this shadow, later will have the normal sexual life, so this kind of situation can't call ED, not once or twice, once in a while not ED.
Myth # 2: a lot of men think masturbation can lead to ED. In fact, now a lot of studies have found that there is no connection between masturbation and ED, now appear ED, what reason be? Mainly for his mental factors, not the masturbation itself led to the ED, there is no link between them. But ED because his mental strains, think about this, is the mental factors of ED, not masturbation lead to ED. The United States has a famous sexologist once said that men often masturbate is not likely to report sexual problems, rather than male masturbation is easy to appear problem, so ED with masturbation no absolute relation, so don't think that delimit equal-sign, think masturbation lead to ED.
Myth # 3: some people take medicine is invalid, viagra, levitra, love and so on, I said what are you do after you eat, I eat then go to bed, see if it can, not a result, this also is a myth, which could result in erection, don't think the medicine to stimulate and look at it, so that instead of psychological pressure big, because both viagra, levitra, or love, the so-called viagra after this kind of medicine must be under the condition of the sexual stimulation will play a role, but no sexual stimulation is often not fully erect, so don't think stimulus can erection, if not an erection is invalid, this also is a myth.
Myth # 4: some people ate half a piece of viagra is invalid, that drug is invalid, dose is not considered ineffective, some ED for a year, some three years, some ten years eight years of patient, the ED like a person lying for three years, five years all don't, you think about it, his arms, legs, whether to shrink, then call you to eat rice, hurry up activities, attend all m final, you can do it! An occasional ate no, you have to adjust a stage, and then was able to recover, if not regulate a stage, so it can't appear curative effect, if one didn't work, eat the second, third, we found that some people need to eat to the fifth, the tenth is effective, even some patients for many years, never erection, penis also shrank, atrophy after ischemia, hypoxia, our penis also accord with the principle of use it or lose it. But to take medicine, you'll have to make it recover, so the quantity is not enough, have a think is invalid, it is also a myth.
The fifth myth: just think ED is caused by the psychological factors, completely without organic factors, I am this time pressure big, I'm so tired, I have no disease, were quite good, is tired recently, don't think is organic has a problem, but in fact, on the contrary, we found a lot of ED patients now, he is caused by physical factors, physical factors at least more than 50%. All the organic factors, often have different degrees of psychological effects, that is to say ED patients mood is not very good.
Myth # 6: think age will be ED, older, associated with aging, do not need treatment. ED is actually a disease, whether 40 or 50 years old, since it is a disease, need treatment, because ED is often an early sign of other diseases and local signs, ED treatment may affect the treatment of other diseases, so ED is in need of treatment, not to say that the older ED, we often meet with more than 70 - year - old male, sexual function is also quite good, did not take medicine, do not need treatment, so not is the age big ED, if ED, if demand for sexual need treatment.
Myth # 7: just appear ED, don't think a man, get ED is a shame, no face is a let oneself, feel no masculinity, actually this is also a myth, with ED like suffered from coronary heart disease, have high blood pressure, have diabetes, it is a disease, said you have high blood pressure, diabetes, can also think you are not a man, in fact, ED like these disease, with ED man is a man, so also is the disease psychological will have certain influence on you, but men and men.
Myth # 8: influence of frequent intercourse ED, if sex life, but I don't want to do, can save up, you can keep the sexual function, this is wrong, is a myth, because ED as we eat, just like our strength, and not to, can't accumulate, he will be a problem? Rice can't three days of rice to eat together, can't do nothing for three days, the three days of effort is focused on the release day, this is not the case, the real because of excessive sexual intercourse, said in the past we have room, excessive, often causing ED is very little, but in most cases, more doing less, the easier the longer abstinence appear ED, this is a myth.