News; How to stay in bed for sex a bit longer

Published: Sunday 02 November, 2014

1, relax mood
Rather than physical reasons for psychological problems. Don't give yourself labeled as impotence, bring your confidence and positive attitude on the battlefield, losing you, you and your partner will have a new harvest.
2, often practice gun
Play the plane is very healthy and natural, regular playing the plane not only can keep vitality, prevent premature ejaculation, still can relieve pressure, eliminate anxiety. In addition, spend more time to play the plane, do you know about your body more, also can know when you are in high excitement. Only in this way, the sex when you don't know when to stop, when to change the body position.
3, use condoms
Many people complained that the belt cover reduce sensitivity and excitement, but a condom is not something to delay, of course, in addition to the time delay, a condom can prevent unwanted pregnancies, avoid STDS.
4, rejection, such as alcohol and tobacco addiction
Excessive consumption of this kind of material will influence you to ejaculation control.
5, the use of topical drugs
You can use spray and ointment to achieve the goal of lasting, but the side effects of this drug has a loss of pleasure, also to the sexual partners, the average person seldom used.
1, do not skip
Studies have shown that for foreplay partner than skip the foreplay sexual life time longer, before directly into the fight, take time to hug kiss touch, if you too excited stage of foreplay, whatever she does, let her to stop, to all of your attention on her.
2, often changing positions
This can distract you, moreover, to try new positions could make sex more exciting, the two sides will meet. Sometimes stop and look at her.
3, let her have the initiative
Male is the leading actor on the bed, can be said to have sex when men won the most pleasure, sometimes let her control, so as to achieve slow sensitive role.