News; Physical contact need to create the newness

Published: Thursday 30 October, 2014

Husband and wife get along for a long time, often can ignore physically close to each other. Germany's psychology and sexology research results show that the physical closeness can not only enhance our feelings, but also can strengthen the psychological quality and immune function.
Sex need warmth
Hanover university's sexology and psychology expert professor hartman said: "the physical contact of mammals baby that is very important to human life." Because by skin contact can stimulate the body to release some important growth hormone.
Skin contact as important for adults. Hanover university professor hartman said: "physical contact is a key link in the body's stress system." People often regard sex as an art, and the basic skill of the art to kiss, hug, touch and caress the four methods. When the physical contact, especially the orgasm, can release many of the sensing element, it may help reduce fears, resist the depression, and enhance the body immune function.
Physical contact is also have to create novelty
His skin is the lubricant of between husband and wife. The first love of men and women occasionally contact can let a person become really interested, but good feeling gradually become dull. "Tactile senses are always looking forward to get a fresh stimulus", professor hartman said. After a period of time, the magic of first love when most couples will dissipate, into the pattern in the daily life with tenderness and sometimes even avoid tenderness. Psychologists believe that a relationship after the initial period of passion, often turn to as a water phase, this kind of phenomenon is normal. But completely give up the physical contact between each other is not desirable.
Sexologist hartmann professor suggested that both sides of husband and wife should add touch and body touch, and to transform the way. Use massage oil, for example, to give each other a massage, or have a bubble bath together.
How to contact to warm
In daily life, "intimate contact" between husband and wife is very necessary. Emotional and sexual intimacy is dependent on each other always gentle, delicate, don't worry about being rejected contact, otherwise it is difficult to develop. In general, sexual life happy couples usually like skin. They understand that holding hands, hugging and kissing, etc., can not only, more can make love fire burning forever. Their skin is the contact of the soul, is the natural language of the love.
Westerners have done in this respect is far better than us. The reporter's neighbour is a middle-aged couple, at ordinary times often can see them walking holding hands, let a person envy. On one occasion, a reporter from the neighbor's door, see the two of them at the door to cuddle up to each other, wife hand stroked her husband's cheek, they look very natural, is the reporter embarrassedly lowers the head.
Germany's marriage experts also very respected each other between husband and wife massage, think it is a good way to skin of. Some German media have experts on column, introduces how to make couples massage more romance and warmth. Massage before, on the whole, be sure to make a sexy sweet and comfortable indoor environment, such as the proper room temperature, soft lighting, relaxing music dream.