News; New popular fashion sex methods

Published: Thursday 30 October, 2014

Women's autumn/winter clothing, revealing the skin part is very small, want to date close to the shoulder, but rarely do attack target part. Only a kiss or neck, ears, etc. Alone, however, do not immediately improve his girlfriend. If the person is the first time experience, more difficult. At this time if you want to provoke a girlfriend's sexual desire, and even made her want clothes off, or to be invited to the hotel to, might as well try to start from the shoulder.
In this case, use a little masculine skills, mouth contain girlfriend in shoulder, ha out heat, occasionally, shoulder peak around the tip of the tongue along the winding.
When the shoulder is male mouth contain live, women and in men to conquer "I was the man who" in the mood. Because men to shoulder to spit the heat spread to the body, women become unbearable, felt a fever, and should have desire can't wait to take off your clothes.
This is not because women's shoulder is sexy belt. Shoulder, in fact, is not very sensitive erogenous zone, but women's shoulder once stimulated, immediately associate to its breast kiss or touch the inside of the below. Women at that time must be take off it doesn't matter, this is because want a man to kiss your breast.
In women's high expectations breasts were kissing, women will gradually to pull your body to a man's chest. To this realm, men can take off clothes of the woman, and its lure to go to bed.
In addition, because of the close to the ear, shoulder so I can process with sweet whispers. Shoulder began to fever, after the women about their love for sure men, it is easy to promise man any request. At that time, men should use two hands, gently caress the women's hair, a touch her spine.
Occasionally, separate the girlfriend's feet, with their feet by the temptation of a woman, should be more heated for further stimulus.