News; The woman which part is the most attractive men

Published: Wednesday 29 October, 2014

1. 48.1% of men like a woman's chest
The man the obsession with chest absolutely beyond people's imagination. Breast forceful and plump woman, not only shows that she has a sexy figure, also means that she has the ability to better feeding offspring.
2. 19.2% of men like women's waist and buttock
Willow slender waist, sexy ass for men is a fatal attraction. Chinese folk think "ass would produce Eva", hips plump fat is a striking feature of high fertility.
3. 17.3% of men like a woman's thighs
The attraction of the thigh is 3 times of the calf, white thighs, it's easy to let a man heartache, to extrapolate. Studies have found that, in good times, women like to dress into a skirt, probably because of her thighs can bring more romantic encounters.
4. 5.8% of men like women's legs
No important grade calf face. Slender legs with high heels, will provoke the possessive desire of a man.
5. 3.8% of men like a woman's face
Research shows that if a higher percentage of women in the eyes of the whole face, inspire the protection consciousness of men. At the same time, the light make-up most let a man feel comfortable.
6. 3.8% of men like women's feet
Feet to the attention of a man and face is flat. Advise women choose shoes in the foot skin color, small, stiletto heel shoes to make feet look more beautiful.
7. Less than 1% of men like women's neck
Many women struggling to lose weight, want to reveal collarbone; There are those who wear expensive necklace attract men's eyes. But they are likely to be disappointed, because men pay little attention to the neck.