News; Touch is not as long as as good

Published: Tuesday 28 October, 2014

Simmer sexual desire may not be interested in Let nature take its course to enjoy sex
Recently, the German women's health magazine published a lady to German sexology expert Dr Rainer letter, she complained of his confusion in the letter. She said, when she was reunited with her boyfriend, the other just pulled her hand, she was thrilled, eager to warm. But her boyfriend "puzzled amorous feelings". The lady asked: "is not women need for a long period of time, can enter role? I this situation normal?"
Rainer said the doctor, confused by foreplay and caress time women not a few. We emphasize women need touch for a long period of time, this is because women all sexually sensitive zone, and compared with men, women's sexual arousal take longer. But female human nature aroused slow is not innate, but by shape, also can be changed. In some cases, a significant number of women don't need more touching than men. At this point, if a man has not entered the "subject", makes them feel be agitated, or even completely destroy the sex.
Rainer doctors emphasize, sexual life of tacit understanding, each link all need a partner to let nature take its course. Too much emphasis on caress, can make the mind apart on both sides. Some men love behavior is not automatic, but in order to show his "gentle", in order to make each other feel better, brimming with desire. They are often disappointed to find that as a result, our become more passive, even if the other person's desire fire burning, but may not have sex, inevitably lead to alienation of both sides in the end. What's more, sometimes women also want a passion at a time.
So, rainer doctors concluded: "sex is a natural spewing life force. When it's like operating machine tools, every detail is rules-based, people cannot really enjoy sex. Only the compliance of naturalness, husband and wife to get the best sex."