News; What is the best way of make love

Published: Tuesday 28 October, 2014

Face sex information of all without exception to the general net friend make love "sell" a variety of skills and posture, as an article said "positions -- two years to try out", I'm confused about what to do!
In fact, most people in most of the time by way of sex is only one. That women lie flat on his back, legs, and directly above the female male, female between his legs. Genital intercourse from the front. It is the most popular one way to make love, sex is also one of the most basic way, is a way of sex unique to humans.
Said it is the most basic way of sex because there are many methods to make love but generally can be divided into two categories, namely, from the front or from the back. All positive intercourse lovemaking is evolved from the lovemaking. Said it is unique to a way to make love, because other animals never positive way of intercourse. This is the patent of human. Even a western biologists demonstrated that apes evolved into humans walked upright, because it is convenient for positive intercourse. It is no reason to say this is not the normal way of sex is popular because it has many advantages.
One is to facilitate communication between spouses. Communication between spouses is very important to have sex. Positive way than on the back of the ways is more advantageous to understand each other's feelings between spouse; 2 it is can be more close physical contact. Female erogenous zone (part) less likely to cause the skin mucous membrane is more concentrated. For example: the labia, nipple, lips, etc. Adopt this way of sex in addition to the genital contact each other, lips, nipple can also close contact. Sexual stimulation is comprehensive. Three is to facilitate the pubic symphysis oppression. Pubic symphysis is female abdominal strength, men will feel obviously. In fact this is sexy. Women to live in this area can get pleasure. Pay attention to in other positions are unable to get this effect.
This way of sex chances of conceiving. Active status in operation of men, but women can also cater to men. Only both sides play to the initiative, easy to achieve orgasm. Men use the power of waist and abdomen, to facilitate the hard, men can be a leg to do; Hands can pin the female's shoulder. If men overweight, need both hands support on the bed, in order to avoid the body weight in women, her asphyxia. This way of sex women is easy, can feel slowly; Can also be proactive. Climax comes, but slightly lift the hips, such easy to hard. But pay attention to the rhythm of harmony.