News; The methods to make man happy in sex

Published: Monday 27 October, 2014

Sex, is the way of human reproduction, breeding, in the feudal society, people of sex is, even if it is a husband and wife only implicitly said.
Many people put the husband and wife not harmonious sex life most due to illness or physical barriers, or a psychological problem, actually otherwise. China's less sexual education, let people for sex there are many misconceptions. Usually, due to one or both parties there are some misunderstandings in sexual mores, leads to a specific behavior of the contradictions and conflicts.
Man value of husband and wife sex life, but many women still can't right in the face of the word "sex". "Sex" is the most noble human enjoyment, and yet many of us the most secretive dull ache. In the balance of morality and human nature, it's every jumping and shaking will make people confused, let a person lose wrong judgment.
In the dictionary of man, has always been sex is the highest, so want to put a man locked in the side, it is necessary to look at the man pursue the principle of sex, today to learn together.
1. Affectionate person = sex
Someone to find how many lover as a struggle of "sex" aim in life, 30, 50, or 100, with the idea of a man, not rich, but often is somewhat advantage condition, but the formalism to make point "achievement projects" men of color, this man lewd has the sense of mission. This, of course, men often become the laughing stock of the dinner. Data prove that not the sex, can only prove that you have many animals!
2. To marry beauty
Beauty of heart, the person all has, the man, a lot of men looking for a beautiful woman as a wife as their goals. Cuddled beauty every day, that is how happy things, even if a woman how high sexual technique, but no good appearance, also hard to arouse men's desire. Now many men, though barely reached the well-off level, but to find a beauty to wife, must be more hard to earn money, to meet a woman of high consumption, otherwise, the wife have to develop its own resources, by the way, give you a few green hat. This kind of situation, even if found beauty as a wife, live too tired, too.
They sex means men have sex like a duck to water
3. I hope you orgasm
Some data show that if a man finds himself can't bring much pleasure to the woman, he will feel sad, and even feel self-abased reared its head. Even if he can enjoy rich dinner, watching wonderful football, he also won't feel happy. As a woman, your passion and visible is the most essential thing. But if a man can't, or won't be able to use this, you will still be very depressed. Do you want to say some words, such as you everything is so beautiful, I think I'm afraid I can't wait until the evening came. This will change the embarrassing situation, and guide him to where you want to go. Perhaps it is because women are worried about their loss for men cannot reach orgasm, when so many women on the bed would pretend to orgasm, let a man get excited. Actually a man is not stupid, he can tell you the orgasm really still pretend to be. When men know that you are pretending to be, then he will hit a bigger. In front of your closest he, there is no need to pretend, more in-depth communication, two people can see through what position can make you really fly more work.
4. Hope she in bed wearing something sexy
Yue oneself person look, women wear beautiful completely is to let a man see a few eye pay more attention to. Many women go out only pay attention to daily clothing, in bed at home really very casual wear, let the man looked at, there is no desire. Who CARES what she wear? This is a minor problem forever. A man said, he also spoke most men's voice. But whether to wear sexy often can affect the duration of the orgasm. The last time is often a man care about problems. If the man asked: when you take off your clothes for her, if she's wearing sexy, do you like it? Most people admit that they are. A don't care about these men answered: no matter what is good to me, as long as she's wearing is not too much. Actually there are big differences on this issue, but can't deny wear is a factor that nots allow to ignore, some men look at underwear, silk stockings will get excited. But once a man unbutton your you see is that shabby underwear, men's desire to estimate already flew to the outside of the cloud nine. At home in bed, might as well dressed sexier, you will find that it is a great temptation for men.
5. I hope she has a normal sexual attitudes
In general, women's sexual attitudes are reserved, even with a desire to also dare not say, afraid of man said her promiscuity. Actually men prefer women with a normal sexual attitude, this is an important factor. Sometimes may be surprised to find that men and women can also like me crazy in sex. Even some women more than men. According to some lady: oh, my god, I was thinking of all day to do such a thing. When she entered the house, she says, stepping on the carpet has the impulse, once I do such a thing, she will be infinite lingering and man choked up, every action makes men feel just pour advantage. A heavy, face with the back of a woman must be adverse to the bedroom, too wild crazy men don't want to see. Men think that women had better have a healthy and normal sexual attitude. The man said, I hope she could bring a little humanities color to make love with me, but not quite like that. So, if a man to have sex cowardly, more in the attitude of women problems, rather than a man's physical problems. Don't say men don't care, in fact, men have so much care and especially on the bed, they care about more, you know?