News; Learn to correctly use sex products

Published: Thursday 23 October, 2014

Correct understanding of sex products
Correct understanding of sex products is the first step in how to correctly use sex products. Many people mistakenly believe that usability things just to satisfy the masturbation, will hurt your partner's feelings and hurt his own body. In fact, the use of sex products has many benefits. In physiological mature and the absence of sexual partners, sexual supplies is normal, relieve sexual hunger, a way of releasing sexual tension and provide sexual enjoyment, avoid don't virtuous behavior, reduce sexually transmitted diseases. If husband and wife together to use, can add sex appeal, close relationships, increase the trust each other, improve the quality of sex life of two people. Therefore, understood correctly sex products is critical role in the life of husband and wife.
Choose a sex products of reliable quality
Due to the reproductive organs is relatively vulnerable parts in human body, so the choice of sex products quality and health is very important, has a strange sex products on the market, and are of variable quality. So be sure to regular health care products sales office to purchase, and to choose has the certificate of approval, texture soft, smooth surface of qualified high visibility and high quality products.
Not too dependent items
Non-repudiation supplies can bring different degree of pleasure and orgasm, does solve some sexual repression, worry and anxiety. But, after all, it is only auxiliary tool, can not completely replace sexual partners. Don't be too frequent use items, if long-term, often use supplies, can lead to a loss in sharpness of sexual excitement, "" body, sexual arousal will be more and more difficult. Can not indulge in sex products, therefore, to be stimulated strongly, to moment. Still want to focus on a partner.
Deposit should be paid attention to
After use, should be clean, to make the necessary disinfection, seal up and store in cool and dry place, not in wet place, because the wet environment easy breeding ground for germs. In addition, to put it out of reach of children, to avoid misuse, cause dangerous. Use a period of time has to be replaced new, cannot be used for too long.
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