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Enhanced Male Pills Super Bull 6000 Herbal Male Enhancement Supplements

super bull 6000 Herbal Capsules contains active components which can work directly in songe tissue of penis after being assimilated to promote the production of testosterone, so as to regenerate the sponey tissue to make so round and full in size, Besides the function of promoting the regengeration, it has effects to invigorate the kidney , strengthen yang and regulate vital energy , Regular use in compliance with the treating course will help you ingorous like a young people full of lust.

The main function

1. To make men get longer, thicker and stronger erection in a short time.

2. To help men to get more powerful ejaculation. Control more freely, enjoy the fun of maniputing the whim.

3. To make the couples can enjoy more sex orgasm and prolong the sex time for more than half an hour.

Users: all adults



1. not be impatient for success or take the product beyond dosage.

2. after taking the product, a man may not able to melt into sperm with erections for many times and long time. in this case, drink cold boiled water to release this.

3. the product can not be used in 24hours.

Use method: Take it orally, 1-2 capsules every time.

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